Karla Rodriguez is 23-years-old, currently living and working in New York as an editorial assistant. As a recent St. John's University graduate, Karla is pursuing a career in entertainment journalism and writing—mostly so she can openly fangirl during work hours and not be judged for it. After relocating to New York from Ecuador at 8-years-old, Karla used her personal writing as a way to catch up to her new classmates and learn the new language. It has since become an outlet, a way to reach out to people and has provided her with a voice she hopes others will relate to. In addition to deeply desiring equality for all, especially women, Karla is obsessed with pop culture and the entertainment world. She is here to share her thoughts on that as well as all the exciting, cool, sometimes crazy experiences a 20-something young woman goes through in this day and age—and hoping you see a bit of yourself in her stories.

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