Kate Haddigan

Kate Haddigan is a peanut butter junkie from Worcestershire, UK. A former Creative Writing student at University of Derby, she has since tried her hand at DJing, worked as a barista, spent time as an Optical Assistant and currently works in Public Relations for the largest Opticians in Europe. Despite her best intentions to be sensible and stick with the 9-5, she only really has one career dream; to write. With short stories published in Magpie Magazine and Paris Lit Up, and several online magazines posting her views on everything from jojoba oil to drag queens, Kate is finding her writing groove and having the most amazing time doing it. When she's not chewing on the end of a pen and scribbling down ideas, Kate likes to cook for friends, binge-watch the worst shows Netflix has to offer, make some strange shapes in Yoga and escape to far off lands in search of adventure and even more importantly; great food.

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