Molly Hurford

Molly Hurford has been balancing an outdoors addiction with a lifetime of bookworm-ness for the last decade, and has finally found a balance between the two. A fitness and wellness journalist, she works with Bicycling magazine, MapMyRun, and RootsRated, among others. She's also written three books on cycling, with a fourth on the way and a novel in the works. To get a break from writing, she binge-watches The X-Files, and she and her husband run a podcast called The Consummate Athlete, looking at how to become a great all-around athlete. When not on her laptop, Molly is typically found riding, running, swimming, or (let's be honest) reading, and she spends most of her time on the road, chasing adventure and good weather. Follow her occasionally ridiculous adventures on Twitter and Instagram @mollyjhurford.

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