Hailing from a west coast liberal mecca, a family of sci-fi nerds, and a liberal arts education, Erin has spent the last 5 years confronting and coming to terms with Washington DC’s socially conservative atmosphere. Performing burlesque, swing dancing, board gaming, and engaging with her non-profit community have kept her sane, aided by the occasional nerd convention outing. A classic movie buff, she grew up idolizing sassy sirens like Lauren Bacall and Katherine Hepburn, which led to her ultimate embrace of third wave feminism and the belief that feminine and feminist are not mutually exclusive. This combined with her belief in sustainability and personal labor fuels her desire to sew, cook and otherwise DIY her life as much as possible. When she’s not creating or performing, Erin can often be found listening to sex-positive podcasts or watching old episodes of Star Trek. While her ultimate dream is to be a sex educator, Erin currently works for a national scientific organization and is thus the most likely person at a cocktail party to pull out a tidbit like, “Say, did you know the echidna has a four-headed penis?” She’s spent her life in geek culture and will happily geek out about any of her passions to anyone that will listen. Erin geeks out about fashion, body issues, science fiction, science fact, geek politics, sex-positivity, feminism, sociology, and food and sustainability.

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