Do you have big ideas, a distinct perspective, and happen to be a millennial female (or male!)? Are you tired of niche-blogs and popular web sites telling you how you should think about the pressing topics that are pertinent to our gender and generation (whether it’s as groundbreaking as the changing debate across the world in sexual assault or just if prep/indie/hipster/sporty movements are fashion or a way of life)? If so, come write for us!* Submit an original (unpublished, including on personal blogs), finished article to and we’ll see if it’s a good fit for the site.

  • Our biggest prerequisites are good writing and strong ideas.
  • Tell us a little about yourself and why you want to write for LD.
  • Include your finished article in a editable Google Doc, with a short third-person bio at the end.
  • Also include in your email an attached, not embedded, photo of yourself. Photos can be .jpg, .png., or .tiff format.
  • Do not send your article via PDF, Word document, or any format other than a Google Doc.
  • While we do receive a consistently high number of submissions, we try to give each one adequate attention. In most circumstances, we will respond within two weeks. If we do not, feel free to inquire. In that vein, please do not dual-submit to other publications. We do understand the value of timeliness in this business and will respond in a prompt fashion in an effort to allow you to pitch other publications should we not be able to accept your submission.
  • Once an article is confirmed as accepted for publication on LD, the imagery, title/headline, date/time of posting and associated social media postings are at the discretion of LD’s editorial staff.

A Word About Payment

Currently, no one at Literally, Darling is paid. It’s a sad reality, but there it is. We understand that writing for free is not something that everyone is willing or able to do, but we don’t want to lose you as part of our community. We hope that you continue to read and love the articles that we produce at Literally, Darling, and feel free to send us some love anytime via our inbox or social media channels.

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