7 Stylish Travel Totes

Whether you’re doing the whole responsible grown-up thing and working or interning for the summer or traipsing across the globe without a care in the world, (hey, no judgement, just jealousy), the comparative freedom of summer undoubtedly coaxes feelings of wanderlust out of dormancy even if only for a weekend lark. Functional, fashionable totes are essential and should be at the top of your travel checklist.


1. Embroidered Weekender, $391

The bright embroidered accents amp up this otherwise neutral bag. Its subtle pop of color and removable shoulder straps make this a versatile travel tote.

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2. Embellished Travel Case, $58

With transparent zip pouches, this travel case is the perfect way to carry your cosmetics and jewelry. Toss it into your tote so lipstick and baubles will no longer float aimlessly in the depths of your purse.


3. Leather and Suede Holdall, $130

With zippers and pockets aplenty, this neutral carryall is perfect for a long weekend away.

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4. Floral Weekend Bag, $141.99

Rifle Paper Co. is the stationary-lover’s dream. The brand has teamed up with LeSportsac to bring its romantic brand of florals on the road with darling bags and totes.


5. Scenic Commute Weekend Bag, $69.99

Its dainty bicycle print makes this vintagey bag ideal for travel.


See Also

6Handmade Backpack, $198

With its opulent textile detail paired with simple leather accents, this luxe backpack is an easy bag to dress up or down.


7. Colorblock Faux Leather Tote, $27.90

The electric blue side panels elevate this basic black tote to new, chic heights.




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