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Let’s Talk About the F Word (Failure)

Failure. (That’s what you were thinking, right?) Failure is a word that wreaks havoc on…

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5 Tips for Surviving Thanksgiving With Your Toxic Relatives

The holidays can be difficult for many people. Sometimes, you have to navigate challenging relatives…

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A Little Compassion Can Go a Long Way in Curing Healthcare Burnout

The Little White Line Article by Sarah Beth Edwards There’s a presence that has loomed…

Breaking Up with ‘Mia’

“Isn’t that the one where you make yourself puke?”

Living with Primary Lymphedema

My Life as the Playground Monster By Olivia Eggers My body has never been my…

Why You Really Need to Have the Sex Talk First

By Anonymous So you have found someone with whom you wish to get down and…

Losing & Finding Myself on My Mental Health Journey

Losing myself to find myself Mental health issues are a silent kind of suffering. They…

Coming to Terms with My Alcoholism During Quarantine

I woke up to flashes of blue light and the crackle of radios. Men in…

On Actually Being Irish on St. Patrick’s Day

Editor’s Note: This has been updated from its original 2014 publishing date. St. Paddy’s day—…

I Got Lost in My Marriage & Divorce was the Only Way To Find Myself Again

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It’s Time to Breakup With Guilt in 2020

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Why I Don’t Care About the Stigma of Being Alone

If you ask the people closest to me, they would probably say I’m as a…

How Growing Up Too Fast Impacts Every Moment of Your Adult Life

Being forced to make adult decisions when you’re a child means you have to learn how the world works with your hands tied behind your back and blindfolded.

The Emotional Cost of My $5000 Boob Job

No one ever told me that having a boob job would make me detach myself from my physical body in a way I’d never experienced before.

How to Know When It’s Time to Breakup

I won’t lie, I’m not usually the first to admit I’ve got a bad habit.…

Read This If You Don’t Feel Beautiful Today

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9 Things I Wish People Knew About Me as a Highly Sensitive Extrovert

Being a highly sensitive extrovert may seem contradictory, but it’s my life.

On Having Sex When You’re A “Good Girl”

Being a “good girl” and sexually active is not mutually exclusive.

Why We All Need to Learn to Suck at Life More

The most important lesson we can learn is how to cope with sucking at life.

After a Decade Out, I Still Struggle Being Gay & Disabled

I’ve been in a wheelchair my entire life, but often I feel like I can’t be both queer and disabled. I have to choose when I know that’s not possible.