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LD-hope-and-katieLiterally, Darling
was conceived in the winter of 2012 by founder Katie Racine. Restless, eager to write and frustrated with the lack of diverse women’s sites, Katie wanted to do something about it. During a five hour car trip to the beach, she meticulously laid out her idea to her sister Hope, then a sophomore in college. The idea was simple: a site for twenty-something women that appealed to 20 and 29 year-olds alike. Where women weren’t classified into niches—where the news and politics junkie could also find articles on shoes, and the fashion forward could indulge their love of video games. A site where women could be unabashedly who they are.
Since then the site has blossomed, starting as a small group of friends and relatives around a brunch table and evolving into a team of over 40 writers across the globe, each seeking to show an exact representation of their exaggerated selves.

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