Literally, Darling launched in May of 2013 with a ragtag group of millennial women looking to share their stories, understand their lives, and come together as a generation that found itself lost at sea.

Over the years the our magazine has evolved along with the women who write for it – we’ve grown older and perhaps a bit more cynical – but with that age has come the experience of knowing what we do – and don’t – want. We’ve learned to stand up for ourselves by helping others do the same. We have created a community of women standing shoulder-to-shoulder with one another.

That bond has taken us in new directions and transitioned our site from just personal essays of a new generation trying to find our feet in the adult world; to the tips and tricks, advice, and opinions of grown women sharing their knowledge. We write about parenting, careers, juggling our finances, figuring out how to run our homes and lives, taking care of our mental and physical health, and of course the ongoing confusion of our relationships with partners, families, and friends.

Literally, Darling is still the home of the exact representation of millennial women, only now our lives aren’t as exaggerated as they once were. We are here to speak our truths, share our wisdom, and above all else, support our community of women.

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