8 Inspiring Fashion Instagram Accounts

Ah, Instagram. The only place where celebrities can post paparazzi pictures of themselves. The only place where you can see what a sunset looks like with #nofilter. The only place where there’s no such thing as too many selfies.

OK, yes, I like to be snarky, but I really do like Instagram (visit ours btw) , and there’s no better way to celebrate the phenomenal app than to give you a rundown of eight fabulous fashion accounts. Whether you’re more into high fashion or random well-dressed people, you’ll be able to appreciate at least one of these accounts. I highly recommend them all.



I stumbled upon @PretttyLittleLayers accidentally and fell in love. She clearly isn’t afraid to be bold—note her choice to wear a pair of overalls that I couldn’t dream of pulling off—but she also seems to be fond of softer, more feminine looks. It’s safe to say she’s versatile, and I see her repeating accessories and separates in some photos while still creating an entirely new look. This won my heart; I so appreciate being able to wear my purchases more than once without wearing them out.



In search of fun fashion accounts, I typed ‘style’ in the search engine and this page popped up. @Style. The description simply states, “Fashion.” The pictures include children’s, men’s, and women’s fashions, and while it might not always represent super budget-friendly styles (note the Chanel bag in the center photo), it sure does offer a wide variety. You’ll find a little of everything, including short shorts, formal dresses, t-shirts, and suits.



This account is truly fabulous. @Ponyy_Boyy, whose real name is Jovan Rosario, is a seriously talented artist who sketches mostly pop culture icons (he really likes to draw the Kardashian-Jenner family), but he also includes fun sketches of his own design, including a collection of the Disney princesses in original pieces. His artwork is beautiful and his eye for fashion is precise. I love the detail he puts into every sketch.



@TrendsSpotter is all about spotting the hottest new designer fashion. Mostly geared toward women and children, the account shows off unique fads in clothing, shoes, bags, beanies, and even tutus. What’s hot right now? Apparently, according to @TrendsSpotter, it’s over-the-knee boots. This page would be my choice for finding the most current styles. I also feel fairly confident that I could replicate these outfits on a non-designer budget, which is always a good thing.



This account, run by Adam Katz Sinding, is a self-proclaimed “photo-journalistic view into the daily world of fashion” (not to be confused with a street style blog!). @Le21eme’s photos depict the most incredible styles and fashions that are found in various cities across the globe. Nothing is off-limits in the world of fashion, and this collection proves it: Everything from colorful oversize knit sweaters to blue camouflage pencil skirts to orange prison-esque jumpsuits can be found. People are really wearing these things, and it’s fun to see the statements and risks.



Cara McLeay is fabulous. Her clothes and hair are the real stars of her Instagram account; she always looks fascinatingly understated, as if we could all obtain her level of flawlessness. (Note: I probably cannot.) I have to admit that part of the beauty of her photo journal lies in the actual photography. She is always standing among breathtaking scenery such as beaches and leaf-strewn pathways. (Where does this girl live, and when can I move there?)

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Christine Andrew is beautiful, her husband is beautiful, and her baby and stepchildren are beautiful. Once you’ve gotten past the inevitable jealousy, you will hopefully be able to appreciate the fact that she is a fashion goddess. Her outfits, which range from slouchy and comfy to poised and feminine, are always chic and season-appropriate. Like every good fashion icon, she has photos from all over the world, including the Eiffel Tower and the Seattle Space Needle. Her website, hellofashionblog.com, breaks down her styles and gives links to the items for sale.




This account follows high fashion, celebrity fashion, and street style. I appreciate the fact that this combination keeps me in the loop with both realistic and unaffordable styles. @WhoWhatWear pulls inspiration from color, neutrals, seasons, and even television stars. There is also a chance to win up to $60,000. It’s a wonderful win-win situation.

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