7 Ways to Stay Healthy as a New Working Mom

Being a working mom means going through an immense amount of pressure every day.  You’ll feel sleep deprived and worn out almost all the time. Muscle pain and exhaustion will become your best friend and you’ll hate everyone after coming home from work. So to make you feel less paranoid and more healthy and wholesome, we have listed seven simple ways to help you create a proper plan to reach your fitness and health goals!

Say ‘Yes’ To Mini Workout Sessions

As a working mom, you will never have more than half an hour to work-out. So, if you want to stay fit, mini work-out sessions are a great idea. Do not overwork yourself by taking too much physical strain. Start slow, with warm-up exercises and simple pushups or squats. You can increase the intensity of the workout each day, or try running on the treadmill.

Exercise will help you stay active and will help reduce muscle pain. If you have a desk job, then 30 minutes of active work out is important during the day to maintain a healthy body. 

Take Vitamin Supplements for Your Bones

Trust me when I say this, vitamins are essential for your body. You can get it through food or sometimes with vitamin supplements prescribed by your doctor. 
Getting proper nutrition through food intake is always healthier and you will feel energized to take on the day at work. All you have to do is start your morning by having a healthy and nutritious breakfast.

Don’t Compromise With Your Sleep

I can’t emphasize enough on how important it is for a new working mom to sleep well at night. The human body needs an adequate amount of sleep to function properly and be productive. So, if you want to wake up feeling fresh, ditch your phone and go to bed early.

Of course it can be difficult for mommies to get sleep at night if she has to attend to a newborn, but we still recommend maintaining a sleep schedule that matches with the baby (or as much as humanly possible considering how unpredictable the little monsters can be).
If you have a problem sleeping at night, invest in memory foam pillows or mattress. It’s good for your back and will also help you fall asleep in no time. Take a look at this guide from the unclutterer on how to choose the right mattress if you want to get your own model.

Don’t Starve Yourself

Starving yourself will not get you any closer to being fit. You will, however, end up feeling nauseous and cranky. In order to have a healthy lifestyle, it is essential that you eat portioned meals instead of going on a ‘no food diet.’ Eat less, but eat often. 
You will soon see positive changes in your body as well as your attitude. 

Simple Snacks for Grabs

Can you please replace your munchies with baby carrots or cucumber instead of chips? It is quite normal to feel snacky while working. But if you’re only seeking out fries or other junk food it might be hard to stick to the fit and healthy plans. Introduce healthy snacks, fruits or veggies into your diet.

Simple Meal Plans

As a working mom, you feel like the clock is always ticking and you have no time to spare on planning your meals. This is why you should invest in meal kits, where the companies ship you fresh ingredients and recipes along with the ingredients to make those delicious meals. There are many companies like Sun Basket, Home Chef, Blue Apron, and Green Chef which have been making the lives of new working moms easier every day. Their services can be customized to your taste and they offer a variety of food for you to choose from. This way you will not get tired of eating the same thing every day. Most meals take a maximum of 5 minutes to prepare and are super simple and easy to make. 

Just go to MyFoodSubscriptions and choose a meal kit delivery service which will best suit your needs and make your life easier. You can also get amazing discounts!

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8.  Please Drink More Water

For the love of your kidneys, please drink more water! Stress can make you cranky, but do you know what else makes your cranky – dehydration. You drain your energy running after your kids, or working for hours at work. You need to stay hydrated, otherwise, you will soon have headaches and breakouts. Lack of water in your body can also lead to mood swings and breakouts. Keep a bottle near you at work and take a sip from time to time. There are also some apps like Waterlogged or My Water that you can download on your phone to remind you to drink water. 

Don’t Sit For Too Long

Sit straight, don’t hunch. If you do not sit upright, you will start experiencing back pain and neck pain. Not only that, stop sitting for too long at a stretch. 
No matter how important your work is, take brief washroom breaks or just walk a little inside the office. This way you’ll let your blood flow through your body and you won’t suffer from muscle pain. Stretch a little or just take a five minutes stroll. You will thank me later. 

Working as well as taking care of your baby can leave you feeling tired, exhausted, and even fatigued. To overcome this, the idea is to maintain a well-balanced diet that is rich in fiber, antioxidants and other nutritional properties. Always remember that if you don’t take proper care of yourself, you won’t be able to take care of your baby when you fall sick. Going back to work after having a baby can be overwhelming, but if you plan it right, you can see yourself become more efficient and productive. 

So, what are you waiting for? Start planning a healthier lifestyle today! 

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