Political Films To Watch For At SXSW

South by Southwest (SXSW) may make quite the name for itself with its pop up concerts and surprise guests, but there are quite a few films with political angles making their debuts this year at the festival. With topics ranging from climate change to the War on Terror, here are the films getting a first screening at SXSW, and that you should keep an eye out for in the coming months!

Frame by Frame: In the height of the Afghan war, American media and journalists captured what a Taliban-controlled and free Afghanistan looked liked. Under the Taliban, taking a picture was illegal, but many photographers risked their lives to capture their own reality. Now, as the American media and troops leave the country, Afghani photojournalists are free to share their reality, and with that comes challenges. This film is incredibly important because it is not very often that images of Afghanistan are presented that were taken by the people of the country themselves.

Bikes vs. Cars: Climate change is a topic that is seemingly everywhere, but for some, the beginning of a solution to this problem is as easy as taking a bike ride. “Bikes vs. Cars” follows bike activists as they push for change in the way people get from point A to point B and those who love their cars who call for the wiping out of bike lanes. This film may be the first to put the bicycle at such a high level of importance in saving the planet and shows the little steps that can make for a healthier earth and healthier people.

For The Record: 9/11, Pearl Harbor, D-day—all of these will be written in the page of history books forever. But, someone has to write them. This film follows the stenographers, captioners court reporters who strive for accuracy and speed when these breaking moments happen, and allowing them to experienced by all. It’s easy to forget that while these historic events happen, there are hundreds of people behind the scenes making sure that things are being taken down to be passed down and recounted.

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Naz and Malik: A feature film, “Naz and Milk” follows two closeted, Muslim teenagers living in New York. Their simple interactions were flagged by the FBI which gets them tailed by an FBI agent. Their small actions begin to look like radical activism to an unknowing person. The film follows the negative stereotypes and notions we ascribe to Muslim people even years after the war on terror.

Best Of Enemies: In the digital age, every move and word of politicians is recorded, scrutinized and politicized over party lines. The beginning point of this type of dialogue may have began in 1968 with Gore Vidal and William F. Buckley Jr. A liberal and conservative respectively, the pair had intense and explosive debates where the theatrics of their arguments reigned supreme, despite both of their intellects. This film captures the important moment when the face of political coverage may have changed forever.

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