5 Exciting Careers for Those Who Don’t Want a Desk Job

When you’ve been working a desk job for some time, you come to realize that it doesn’t make for the most exciting life. If you’re craving a career that gets you away from the desk and into an exciting and interesting field, it may be time for a change.

The following five jobs are great for those who know that an office job isn’t for them, so read on to hear about some exciting careers that could be perfect for you!


Whether you’ve only ever flown in a commercial airliner or you’re an avid hobby aviator, going into a career as a pilot can be both exciting and rewarding. If the idea of flying excites you, aspiring to fly for a living may suit you far more than a boring desk job.

To become a licensed pilot, however, there is plenty of training to get through, so you must be ambitious and dedicated. You will also need to think about insurance and whether your current life insurance will still cover you if you’re going from an office job to being a pilot. Luckily, you can get life insurance for private pilots and other hazardous occupations.


If your idea of an exciting career means danger and heroism, becoming a firefighter could be the perfect career change for you. While firefighters don’t just handle burning buildings and rescuing children (addressing other disasters and environmental issues is also part of the duties of a fireman or woman), fighting fire is part and parcel of the job.

Working well in a team is essential to becoming a firefighter, and you should also keep in mind that you will have a long work week in comparison to most desk jobs. However, if you can get past the disadvantages of the career as well as the criminal record and army discharge checks, firefighting could be the exciting career you’ve been after.

Food Taster

Not all exciting careers have to be about danger. If you love food, the idea of getting paid to taste all different kinds might be more exciting than anything else on this list! And, believe it or not, there are many people out there whose job it is to try food and drink and give their opinions.

With specialisms in all kinds of food and drink, you might be able to make your way in life by tasting your favorite snacks. Job titles like chocolate consultant and beer tester sometimes don’t even require any particular educational qualifications, so you could be making the switch from desk to food lab without even going back to school.

Private Investigator

Have you always loved detective novels? What about crime shows? If you’d like a job that will get you out of the office and you have a passion for all things criminal, becoming a private investigator could be a thrilling and intriguing career.

Unlike some of the other jobs on this list, being a private investigator won’t rid you of office work completely. Research is a crucial part of the job after all. However, you will also get your fair share of excitement when you go out on investigations, whether it’s to crime scenes or on surveillance. Even if you are just willing to start, here you may view private investigator no experience opportunities.


Another exciting career for those with a particular passion is becoming a zookeeper. If the idea of working with animals (and even feeding some of the most dangerous species on the planet) sounds exciting, becoming a zookeeper could be the job that motivates you to finally quit your desk job.

However, before you do anything extreme, you should consider that most jobs that let you get close to the animals do require educational qualifications. If you’re willing to get qualified, though, you will find this career both exciting and rewarding as you play a part in wildlife conservation.

Everybody’s idea of an exciting career is different, but there are many jobs out there that offer an inspiring alternative to a desk job.

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