Lifestyle Changes to Boost You Mental and Physical Health

Many people wait to experience an issue before they start reconsidering their lifestyle and all the decisions they make on a daily basis. As commendable as it might be to tackle a health issue head-on, it’s even more prudent to think about what you can do today to prevent an unnecessary decline in your mental and physical wellbeing by making lifestyle changes. Of course, some things are beyond your control, so being affected by the pandemic and its many consequences is perfectly natural. 

It’s primarily about building the right mindset and the right habits that will allow you to create a healthier foundation in your life. Focusing on preventative measures and on preparing strategies that can help you in times of crisis will serve as your go-to routine to achieve and restore your sense of health and wellness. Some of the following ideas are the most essential components to accomplish that, so make sure to include them and watch your life slowly change for the better.

Mental hygiene and detoxification

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When your mind is riddled with negative thoughts and you’re constantly allowing distractions to disrupt your day, it becomes extremely difficult to switch your habits or introduce new, healthy ones. For example, we often let technology dictate our lives, so we’re governed by our phones and a slew of other gadgets – we jump as soon as a notification pops up, and we’re rarely unavailable.

Being present in the moment means being able to put your phone aside for an hour or more, to connect with people around you, enjoy a good book, or just immerse yourself in the scenery. Take a mental break from tech every now and then and you’ll find yourself feeling less overwhelmed.

Nutrition at the center of it all

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Changing habits is far from easy, especially when you are used to eating a certain way and you have a routine based on those habits. In case your menu isn’t all that nutritious, you might start reinforcing your diet with effective health supplements that target specific deficiencies. If you’re not big on berries and citrusy fruits, perhaps you could benefit from adding vitamin C to your diet?

Then again, if you don’t get enough healthy sun exposure, your body might need more vitamin D. Then, consider changing some of your “smaller” habits, such as your snacking. Replace the unhealthy items with delicious, but healthy things such as fruit, veggies, nuts, and seeds. Start managing your portions and meal timing to boost your energy throughout the day – you’ll notice immediate improvements as soon as you adapt your diet.

Movement is health – keep working out

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Not feeling good in your own skin, feeling insecure, or perhaps struggling with anxiety? People avoid physical activity for a wide array of reasons, and yet all the problems pushing you away from a movement-rich life are the ones that would be much easier to resolve if you found the will to start moving.

Even light, home-based workouts are a great way to start, such as a yoga flow you can follow on YouTube. There are HIIT workouts that take very little time to complete, and you’ll be brimming with energy afterward. Ask a friend to join you in this challenge – you might find it easier to stay consistent.

Focus on sleep quality

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No amount of nutritious food or good exercise will be able to replace regular, quality sleep in your life. Living in urbanized areas with so much noise, air, and light pollution, it’s becoming more prevalent than ever for people to experience insomnia and chronic fatigue. 

Start adding calming routines to improve your sleep quality, such as bedtime meditation to process your daily thoughts and worries, and aromatherapy to leverage fragrance to relax. Adding breathing and stretching exercises before sleep is another good way to unwind, whereas shutting off all tech will help your brain avoid the negative impact of blue light and start preparing for sleep. You can also try enjoying soothing herbal teas before bed, to stimulate your senses and calm you down at the same time.

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Learn to say no – to yourself 

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External factors aside, there are habits and decisions we turn a blind eye to for the sole reason of convenience. It’s easy to light a cigarette, but it’s difficult to fight the urge in the middle of a busy, stressful day, or take your time to devise a more healthful approach. It’s simple to snack on a store-bought cookie, but it’s better for you to opt for fresh fruit and homemade treats. 

Nobody’s perfect, but you can start thinking more about the things that might be costing you your mental and physical resilience. Too much alcohol, nicotine, unhealthy foods, and sedentary living can wreak havoc on your life. Restructure your life by slowly phasing out those habits that are affecting you negatively and replace them with something that will build your health up. 

Every moment is a choice, and the more you learn to make mindful choices every day, the easier it will become for you to take control of your health and wellbeing. These components of healthy living might seem isolated, and they will work on their own, but true health can only be built by dedicating yourself to all of the listed habits, and many other complementary choices. Take charge of your sense of wellbeing with these ideas, and you can transform your health one day at a time. 

Article By Sophia Smith

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