What Makes an Outfit Instagram & Pinterest-Worthy?

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In the age of social media and online image, it’s only natural to want to post photos of yourself that are fun, unique, and representative of your style. With apps like Instagram, Tik Tok, and Pinterest not going anywhere anytime soon, preparing for the perfect photo has never been more important. Especially when documenting our outfits, it’s normal to ask yourself, “Is this outfit Insta-worthy?” But what makes an outfit Instagrammable and how can we create the perfect look for social media?

In this article, we’ll explore some helpful styling tips for preparing for the perfect photo. Whether you have a special occasion on the horizon or simply want to post a fantastic #outfitoftheday post, these tricks for creating a cohesive and stylish outfit will be sure to gather countless likes. 

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Idea #1: Place Importance in Footwear

When taking any picture of an outfit, it’s common to go for a full-body photo, meaning that footwear should never be neglected. Shoes are one of the first things we notice about a person’s ensemble, so having a few shoe options is a good choice for those that love taking outfit pics for their social media. The perfect pair of heels or stylishly matching sneakers are an easy way to instantly give your outfit a lift and create an instantly eye-catching look. 

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Idea #2: Master the Art of Accessorizing

Along with footwear and creatively chosen shoe options, a simple way to instantly upgrade an outfit is by paying attention to the little details. Accessorizing with purpose is a great method of elevating an ensemble and provides a unique chance to express your style. Whether you’re adding some bling or layering weather-specific items, it’s easy to transform any casual outfit into an elegant ensemble by adding a pair of earrings, a necklace, or other trendy accessories

Idea #3: Combine Casual and Formal

Gone are the days of sticking to casual or formal outfits! Nowadays, it’s easy to combine the two with a unique and eye-catching look. Consider pairing a favorite cozy t-shirt with a long flowy skirt for a bohemian-chic outfit, or maybe a cute mini-dress with a plaid flannel. It’s easy to curate a cool and cohesive look that combines elegant style and edgy flair when you look toward the many layering opportunities available year-round.

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Idea #4: Don’t Be Afraid of a Pop of Color

While minimalist pieces are great for creating an easily rotating wardrobe, adding a few fun splashes of color to an outfit is the perfect way to turn heads. Whether it’s a funky-colored jacket or a colorful bag and matching shoes, there are countless ways to rework the rainbow into your current wardrobe for fun outfit posts.

Idea #5: Use Seasons to Your Advantage

The best part about the changing of the seasons is the opportunity to flaunt your seasonal styles that might not be year-round indulgences. Social media loves the changing of the seasons, so feel free to bring out some summertime, fall, winter, or springtime accessories into your wardrobe. Whether it’s a fun and colorful pair of sunglasses or a fluffy sweater perfect for snuggling up by the campfire, invoking seasonal fun is a great way to add excitement to your Instagram feed.

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Idea #5: Pull it Together with a Hat

What’s a quick and simple way to create an Instagram-worthy outfit? Pull the entire ensemble together with a fun hat. Whether it’s a seasonal beanie or a cherished wide-brimmed hat, these pieces have the special ability to transform and upgrade any outfit. What was once simply a solution for a bad hair day is now easily considered a ticket toward Instagram appreciation.

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Create the Perfect Outfit for Social Media with these Helpful Styling Tips! 

While social media certainly isn’t everything, it’s completely natural to want to make a positive impression through your online image. Creating an outfit that’s perfect for Instagram ensures that you’re not only prepared for any photo-op, but that you look and feel amazing. 

By paying attention to the little details, valuing accessories, and trying out new styles, you can instantly transform your wardrobe into an influencer’s dreamscape. Capture tons of love from your friends online with these styling tips today!

Article by Tess Di Napoli

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