Getting To Know Katie Through GIFs

There are a lot of writers on LD and sometimes it’s easy to lose track of who is who, so we started to do a bit of a “getting to know you” series. We wanted to give the writers a cheat-sheet way of showing their personalities, differentiating themselves, and let us interact with the readers a bit more. Clearly the best way to do so is through GIFs and memes. After all, Tumblr is a genius and it works for them, right? To kickstart the series I decided to be narcissistic and go first. Honestly it was mostly an excuse to utilize my alarming amount of stockpiled GIFs.

So let’s see, who am I? I’m the founder and editor-in-chief of Literally, Darling and the sister of fellow writer Hope and cousin to Melissa. A writer, editor, and reader by living, hobby, and passion. I am an Anglophile by obsession, history lover by choice, philosophizer by nature, and a Southerner by birth. My childhood was spent with horses, dogs, books, and Catholic school. My adulthood is defined by traveling to the U.K. and the South whenever feasible, driving too fast down windy roads, photographing the most beautiful slices of the world I’ve seen, being unbearably snarky, often pretentious, overtly preppy, and absurdly redheaded. So this… is me.

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