20 Life Lessons From The Ladies Of Harry Potter

Out of an unhealthy obsession with Harry Potter, I’ve decided to compile a list of (some) of the life lessons from the ladies of Harry Potter. Let’s face it: The Harry Potter series essentially shaped my childhood, like it did for millions of others. Amidst the firewhiskey and butterbeer, J.K. Rowling gave the world some important life lessons and a moral code that I proudly abide by. So let’s take a look at these GIFs (and photo) from the world of Harry Potter:

1) Manners are important, even when dealing with a less than ideal person:

2) But if something totally catches you by surprise, it’s okay to look like this:

3) It feels good to be the boss:

4) Don’t ever question your sanity. But if you do, a friend will surely put all fears aside:

5) Pink isn’t always cute and fun. As Dolores Umbridge makes quite clear, it can be downright dangerous:

6) Enunciation and clarity are key while speaking. Say it like you mean it:

7)  …and your meaning will hit twice as hard by having fun with alliteration:

8) Always be there for those who need you, even if it is a little scary:

9) Sometimes it’s good to get in someone’s face…

10) …and call them out:

11) Never, ever mess around with someone’s kid. No matter if it’s a daughter or son, young or old, a mom (adopted or biological) will come to their kid’s defense, whether threatened by a school bully, an obnoxious coach, or a crazy-kill happy dark wizard. Moms will take you down:

12) Even if you’re a petite lady, you can still be one hell of a force:

13) Death isn’t the worst thing. There are um, worse things out there:

14) It isn’t what you look like that matters, but what’s inside:

15) Oh, and books. Books are pretty important.

16) Always try new things. You never know what may happen:

17) Even if we think we don’t like our sisters, we still love them (even if it is deep, deep, deep down):

18) There can never be too much love…


19) …or kissing:

20) And always remember: We are women, and you will hear us roar (okay, maybe not so much a lesson, but I couldn’t resist):


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