Easy Summer Wine Smoothie Recipe

One of my favorite things to do in the summer is to kick back and relax on a good old-fashioned porch and share a drink or two with friends. It’s the perfect way to end a long day of work or pass the time on the weekends without having to drive to bars in order to find a cool drink. Many drinks, however, can often feel sticky, heavy, and unpleasant in the August heat.

Enter this wine smoothie recipe. My friends and I had spent the day at a blackberry orchard and were thinking of creative ways to use up our pickings when we decided to make a wine smoothie with the limited contents of our fridge. Turns out it didn’t take much to make a light and refreshing beverage in just a couple of minutes.

What you’ll need:



Wine: This really depends on what kind of wine you like, but I recommend a sweet white. My friends and I used Franzia’s Sunset Blush (we’re poor college kids, OK?), which worked beautifully—no use spending too much on this recipe.

3-4 freeze pops: You know the type, the ones you could buy by the dozens as a kid. I used the pink and red flavors (strawberry and cherry), but the blue raspberry would work well too.

Fruit Juice: I used Ocean Spray Cranberry and Raspberry, but Cran-Grape or simple Cranberry would make good substitutes.

Berries: As blackberries were the inspiration behind this recipe, those were our berries of choice and they worked well without being frozen because the seeds gave the smoothie a nice texture. You could substitute strawberries or blueberries, but I’d recommend freezing them beforehand.

Wine Smoothie Recipe:

Fill your blender about halfway with ice (you can always add more once you break down the original cubes) then pour just enough wine in to cover the ice.


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Rinse and add 1/3 cup of berries and pour in a splash (roughly 1/3 cup) of juice.

Blend until mixture is even and there are no chunks of ice or berries floating within.


Serve in Mason jars and head outside.

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