5 Things You Don’t Know About Real Estate Agents

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At the heart of it, the career of a real estate agent involves being a small but extremely vital part of other people’s lives, time and time again. Whenever someone is looking to sell a property or buy that first home with their significant other, chances are that they’ll begin to research local real estate agents to get the ball rolling as soon as possible. 

But how much do you actually know about what the true job of a real estate agent entails? 

Questions and queries about working in real estate are a common daily occurrence on search engines across the world, and because companies like Compass Realty strive to work with only the most dedicated and passionate people, knowing more information about this unique but often misunderstood vocation is important. 

Below are just five of the many things you may not know about the role of a real estate agent. 

Real estate agents are multitaskers 

From that first phone call of the day right through to the final viewing of a new property that’s on the market, real estate agents are highly skilled at accomplishing several tasks all at once. 

Hosting a viewing? They’re making new relationships, advising their clients, sniffing out legitimate buyers, and avoiding time wasters. Discussing the price of a property? They’re mentally juggling factors like the market, the area of the property, and the specific needs of their clients while explaining to a potential buyer why it’s set at that amount. 

Real estate agents are always one step ahead 

While the process of buying or selling a property may seem slow at times, a real estate agent’s job is to react fast, act faster, and anticipate what tomorrow will bring the day before it even happens. 

Trends, areas of interest, and the economy all need to be constantly taken into consideration. This requires a great deal of skill to deduce what the best next steps are for a client, in order to provide them with the best possible service. 

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Real estate agents stay busy behind the scenes 

A good real estate agent will always be in contact with a client to update them on the status of their game plan. But in between these calls, a real estate agent never stops chipping away and using their contacts to help achieve the goals of their clients. 

Real estate agents are on their client’s side 

A client’s success is also a real estate agent’s success. They want people to get the best possible outcome and are dedicated to helping others achieve their goals. 

This may not always involve telling a client things that they want to hear. That can range from having to reduce a price to holding off on listing a property until the spring season. Either way, they want their clients to win. 

Real estate agents take pride in what they do 

There’s nothing quite like knowing you’ve made a difference in someone’s life, and played a part in their happiness. It’s rare to find a career that offers this, but when it comes to a real estate agent’s biggest accomplishments, they’ll always tell you that helping others fills them with a wonderful sense of pride. 

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