Is There Such a Thing as Healthy Perfume? Why Your Fragrance Choice Matters

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Fragrances can be relaxing, inviting and even alluring. You deserve to feel your best with your favorite perfumes, but they could also contain ingredients that work against your interests. Here’s how to find a healthy scent and why it benefits those seeking all-natural alternatives.

What’s in Standard Perfume?

People have checked perfume ingredient lists for years, but California brought standard chemicals to everyone’s attention with the Fragrance and Flavors Right to Know Act. When it passed in 2020, manufacturers had to disclose the toxic ingredients in perfumes, personal care products, salon supplies and cosmetics.

Fragrances contain chemicals like acetone, ethanol, benzaldehyde and more to retain their scent. They extend the product’s longevity but trigger allergic reactions and pose potential carcinogen threats when used daily for long periods.

These concerns have led people to seek nontoxic alternatives for all their fragrance needs. Now you can find them in most places that sell traditional perfumes.

Benefits of Healthy Perfume

Switching to an organic or nontoxic perfume could benefit your life. You may find them more appealing, depending on your lifestyle and values.

1. You’ll Have Fewer Chemicals in Your Life

Every spritz of a traditional fragrance releases chemicals into the air. These volatile organic compounds (VOCs) cause headaches and fatigue while triggering existing allergies. You can always install an air purifier to reduce VOCs lingering in your home, but healthy perfumes won’t introduce them to your environment at all.

Natural fragrances use organic ingredients that don’t linger in the air. They also don’t include chemicals that cause the same side effects as VOCs. Whatever doesn’t land on your skin will naturally break down after each spritz.

2. Your Perfume Won’t Hurt the Environment

People living an eco-friendly lifestyle likely already try to minimize their environmental impact. Reducing waste by wearing organic fabrics or shopping at secondhand stores is great, but your perfume could work against your green interests.

Switching to all-natural fragrances means fewer products in your house with pollutant ingredients. Your effect on the environment won’t be as harmful if you open your windows after putting on your perfume for the day.

3. Others in Your Household Are Safer

Kids and pets are naturally curious. They’ll get into fragrance bottles within reach, especially if they have interesting shapes, colors or aromas. You shouldn’t have to worry about them accidentally getting into your perfumes and breathing or ingesting chemicals.

Other potentially dangerous household items would go on tall shelves or behind locks. It’s why dog owners keep things like cinnamon in upper cabinets. Eating too much could make their dog develop digestive problems that make them uncomfortable or require stomach pumping.

All-natural fragrances still aren’t safe to digest, but they won’t harm your kids or pets if they breathe deeply while spraying your perfume. It’s one less concern to worry about.

Explore Nontoxic Perfume Options

Healthy perfumes can support your health and the environment better than alternatives with chemical ingredients. See if any organic fragrances match your favorite scents. Replacing them will be worth your time and investment if it gives you greater peace of mind.

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