Music You Need To Know: The Cab

Something that I am a major fan of musically is the band or artist who is overwhelmingly talented but under the radar. Sometimes it’s better to have access to this talent before they take off and become the “next big thing.” One of the bands that falls under this category is Las Vegas native band The Cab. Consisting of front man Alex DeLeon, bassist Joey Thunder, drummer Dave Briggs and guitarist Chantry Johnson, this group never ceases to amaze me with the talent and overall impression they give fans. The Cab was one of those bands I found years ago on iTunes on the sidebar under “Suggestions” and, in the beginning, I thought nothing of it when I only downloaded one song from their debut album, “Whisper War.” Fast forward to the end of summer 2011, and their sophomore album, “Symphony Soldier,” was released. There is not a single song on this album that would not be categorized as perfection. The overall album flowed so well together, and the songs were so relatable; not to mention so phenomenal co-writing for certain songs (Bruno Mars, Adam Levine and Pete Wentz, to name a few). Following this album, The Cab went on multiple tours, making themselves very available to meet fans. They try their best to incorporate their fans into all that they do, including an Instagram contest tying together fan participation with their newest music. I had the opportunity to see them three times between 2011 and 2012, and it was an incredible show each night. Oh also, let’s throw in that they went on the Asian/Australian legs of the Maroon 5 “Overexposed” tour. It’s hard not to root for these guys in the business.

In addition to success in the pop-rock scene, The Cab also has these insane connections to other artists, which can only boost their credibility. This mainly comes from Alex DeLeon being an incredible songwriter who pens for a wide variety of groups. Most recently, his well-known friends include Zayn Malik of One Direction and the band 5 Seconds of Summer. His black-and-white themed Instagram oh-so-casually introduces you to the lavish lifestyle that he so humbly lives. One day he posts a picture from his bed talking about songwriting, and the next he is having a crazy night filled with other band members and Victoria’s Secret models. DeLeon can be connected to quite the plethora of musicians/their posses, which makes it interesting that this band hasn’t seen more light among the industry.

At the end of April, the band released an EP, “Lock Me Up” consisting of songs that are a bit different from their already existing catalogue. Although the songs are a bit heavier on the synthesizing, DeLeon’s voice works well with the path they are going with this album. While listening to it, I was already envisioning how exactly they would present these songs live. The Cab is one of those bands that plays as well live as the recorded album. It’s rare that a band these days can translate from studio to stage without sounding a bit off, but man, they do it well. I highly suggest giving them a listen if you haven’t already.


Recommended songs:

  1. “Angel With A Shotgun” (Symphony Soldier)—My all time favorite Cab song. After one listen, it will be stuck in your head for at least a day. The tempo combined with the lyrics makes for an undeniably amazing song.
  2. “Vegas Skies” (Whisper War)—A throwback to their first album, this is without a doubt one of the most emotional Cab songs, but it’s so romantic. Definitely a go-to song for long car rides.
  3. “Zzzzz” (Whisper War)—By far the most underrated song of theirs. Another “Whisper War song,” but by far one of the best they’ve released. Incredibly catchy refrain, but so hauntingly relevant.
  4. “Numbers” (Lock Me Up)—Very Justin Timberlake-esque with an interesting metaphor for love.
  5. “Her Love Is My Religion”(Symphony Soldier)—DeLeon’s vocals are really exercised on this track in addition to a backtrack that races just like a heartbeat when you’re so in love with someone and you can’t contain it anymore.
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