How To Look Like You’ve Actually Slept (When You Totally Haven’t)

We all have those three-cup-of-coffee mornings where you roll out of bed, go to get ready for work and end up like this:


Pull yourself off the ground, darlings! While you may have stayed up all night watching “Orange is the New Black” (though if you haven’t finished it by now, I don’t know what you’re doing), not thinking about how heart-wrenching it would feel to leave your bed in the morning, we’ve got some solutions.

Now, these products may not put the spring into your step, but it may keep you from being recruited as an extra for “The Walking Dead” next season.

Keep hydrated. When you wake up, you’ll probably feel drained and your throat will be a bit scratchy. Be sure to drink some water when you get up. It’ll refill the moisture you lost over the evening, plus you’ll get a little bit more energy. Also, if you breathe out of your mouth while you sleep (like me), slather on some lip butter to refresh your dry lips. My favorite right now is Nivea Lip Butter, which moisturizes perfectly under lipstick or gloss.

I would have included a picture of the actual rollerball -- but I got makeup all over my hands trying.
I would have included a picture of the actual rollerball — but I got makeup all over my hands trying.

Soothe those puffy eyes with a concealer that has a built-in rollerball to apply the makeup. The Loreal Visible Life CC eye concealer covers up dark circles with an applicator that feels amazing on tired skin. Want a more flawless look than rubbing it in with your fingers? Use your favorite foundation brush to blend it in.

Or try something ageless. Products made to fight the signs of aging can be helpful to younger ladies too! The Covergirl and Olay Simply Ageless eye concealer conceals AND moisturizes.

Try curling your lashes and putting on some mascara. It also makes your eyes look bigger and brighter. Opting for waterproof mascara helps avoid smearing or flaking, which can happen when you rub your sleepy eyes.

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  Use a brightening eye shadow. Try one from The Balm. Besides the super-cute packaging, when you apply the shadow to your tear ducts, it makes your eyes look brighter. It also doubles as a highlighter!

 And last of all, get some more sleep! I know it’s hard, but getting a proper amount of Z’s can improve your focus, keep your metabolism running and most importantly stop you from murdering that bozo that keeps speaking over you in the morning meeting.

I raise my cup of highly-caffeinated coffee to you, my fellow night owls! You may be trudging off to work in the morning, but hey, at least you look fabulous doing it.

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