7 Life Hacks From Social Media That Actually Work in Real Life

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Mindlessly scrolling on social media helps you escape reality in your free time, but it often gets a bad rap. Educational videos, how-to guides and life hacks can elevate your daily routine and blow your mind when they actually work. Here are some life hacks from social media to explore.

1. Taping Your Mouth While You Sleep 

Taping your mouth while you sleep seems like a strange concept. However, it helps you wake up feeling energized and ready to tackle your day. Taping your mouth shut promotes functional breathing, boosts your immune system and oxygen intake, and reduces inflammation. It doesn’t hurt to try since around 25%–50% of people breathe through their mouths while they sleep.

2. Eating Ramen With Medical Forceps

Eating with chopsticks is challenging and who wants to eat Ramen noodles with a fork? A TikTok user ordered what she thought were foot-long tweezers on Amazon to use as chopsticks. She later found out they’re actually medical forceps, but they do the trick! Medical forceps have non-slip and non-stick tips that make them perfect for the operating room and your bowl of ramen noodles. Who knew?

3. Preventing Cookie Cutters From Sticking 

Cookie cutters can transform cookies from average to extraordinary, except when the dough gets stuck on them. When the dough sticks, you get misshapen cookies that may be edible but aren’t pretty. Putting flour on your cookie cutters prevents them from sticking to the dough and helps you get a clean-cut cookie in the shape of your choosing.

4. Removing Food Stains From Tupperware

Do you have tinted Tupperware designated for spaghetti since it made its permanent mark once and remains unscathed? Try putting bits of a paper towel, warm water and a splash of dish soap in your plastic container. Shake it for about 45 seconds, then watch the magic unfold as the stain transfers onto the paper towel.

5. Freezing Cereal Before Eating 

If you’ve never eaten frozen cereal, prepare to be amazed. Pop your bowl of cereal into the freezer for about 30 minutes before you add your milk. You can leave it overnight if you want, but a half hour does the trick. The cereal won’t get soggy, your chilled bowl will elevate your experience and the milk will stay cold longer.

6. Cleaning Your Shower Head

You get in the shower to get clean, but your shower head collects so much bacteria that typically require deep scrubbing to remove. This life hack changes the game. Get a plastic bag, fill it with vinegar and wrap it around your shower head with rubber bands. Leave it overnight to remove mineral build-up and experience better water pressure, but let the water run before you hop in so you don’t smell like vinegar.

7. Dusting a Ceiling Fan

Cleaning a ceiling fan requires preparation so you don’t get dust all over you, the floor or possibly your bedding. Whether you use a protective covering or remove everything under the fan, the dust particles still travel through the air as you clean the fan. Consider using a pillowcase so the dust collects into the case rather than anywhere else.

Must-Try Life Hacks From Social Media 

Life hacks are simple ideas that can seem like common sense once you know about them. It’s crazy how something as simple as using a pillowcase to clean your ceiling fan can change your life, but that’s why they call it a life hack.

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