4 Ways To Rock Your Mom’s Awesome ’80s Style

My mom passed away when I was 14, the phase of my life when I needed beauty insight the most. But the beauty lessons she taught me while she was alive have somehow managed to remain relevant today, so how could she not be my style icon?!

My mom grew up in the ’80s and never left. That explains everything about her from the music she listens to to the her clothing silhouette. Her style is something I covet and aspire to simply because it’s a part of her that never has to die just because she did. It’s my way of having her without having her. I still have the last dress my mom and I bought together. To this day, I wear her lucky ring that she had in high school. I haven’t taken it off for one second since I received it!

From the moment I could walk, my mother made sure I would never fall back on my knees and crawl. She would tell me to stand up straight, as if my head and shoulders were attached to strings hanging from the sky. She told me the best form of makeup was a smile on my face. Oh, and her love for shoes was something she was so committed to it practically acted as a religion she practiced.

My mom believed in leggings and tunic tops. She believed in neutrals paired with bright colors. After all, they say opposites attract. She believed in outfits expressing a life as bubbly as her personality and yet as daring as Madonna all at the same time.

Clothes are so much more than what we put on for the day. They can act as time markers for periods in our life we’re not ready or refuse to let go. My mom refused to let go of the ’80s; I refuse to let go of her.

Lesson #1: Why show off cleavage when you can show off your legs?

I’m talking leggings with bold and bright colors and patterns. Leather leggings are a must on my closet supplies list right now.

Oh, and let’s not forget skinny jeans. The darker the wash and the more form-fitting, the better. My mom was the queen of emphasizing that it isn’t the number labeled on your jeans that will make you a 10, it’s about whatever number truly fits you.


Legz 4 Dayz


Lesson #2: Proportion with oversized tops and chunky statement necklaces

Truthfully my mom was a little insecure about her weight. So you would think that wearing oversized tops and chunky necklaces would be something she would steer clear from; however, she taught me that when done right, it can be just as slimming as wearing black!

proper proportions


I think the key to succeeding this look is to have it appear casual and relaxed versus a, “My-clothes-swallowed-me-whole” appearance.


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Lesson #3: Colors are the best details.

I still have my mom’s bright yellow oversized purse and her just-as-bright yellow leather ballet flats. My mom was all about wearing neutrals with surprise pops of color in the accessories she wore.


pop of color


Lesson #4: A kind heart

My mother was the epitome of genuine. What she wore was so honest to who she was. She never tried to be anyone else but herself and she carried her heart in what she wore and what she did in this world.



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