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There are many times when I look through the few Twitter follow requests I get from time to time and decline instantaneously, but there was something about Shaky Knees that caught my eye. I went to his page and gave his music a listen, and I was pleasantly surprised. When I listened to what he had available on his website, there was something I felt like I had to know more about. There was a versatility on the album that I hear in a select few of genuinely talented artists. According to his website, Shaky Knees (also known as Bruno Bin) combines American blues-rock with his Brazilian roots. I must say, on paper it might sound like an odd combination, but it definitely plays out in a catchy manner. He also has his his debut album, “7 Years”, coming out on Sept. 2, so I was given the opportunity to talk to Bruno about this upcoming milestone:

How does it feel to accomplish an entire album?
It feels great! Definitely one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had! You have all these ideas floating around and to see it all come together as a unit is very special.

Why did you decide to call it “7 Years”?
That’s how long I’ve been in Canada- I was born and raised in Brazil. Moving here by myself at a pretty young age was a crazy experience. I gained so much insight from being away from home, my family and friends…and learned so much about myself. So in a way, all of the songs tie back into that same theme- that time I was still a “visitor” in Canada; for 7 years.

Are there any artists that you look to for guidance either lyrically or musically?
I’m a fan of many artists. I love music and look up to a lot of people. I don’t necessarily look for guidance lyrically or musically. I’m 100% sure if I did that I would end up with a cheaper version of what they’ve already done. I do try to go a level deeper though and understand what these artists are all about, what’s behind the music. What is it about them and their music that makes me feel something special when I listen to it? I think that’s the real secret ingredient.

What has been your approach to spreading the knowledge of your work?
These days, social media is probably the most powerful tool. You can’t rely only on that though… word of mouth, posters, flyers, all of those things still work and of course, the most important thing; playing live and trying to get out there as much as possible.

For you, what is the most rewarding part of creating music?
Getting to be creative while doing what I love. Every now and then you hear of people who really connected with one of your songs too, which is pretty cool.

How important of a role do you believe music plays for people?
It affects your mood, mind and brain, right? It’s also a way to express yourself, not only for the music creators but also for the listener. I don’t see it going anywhere anytime soon. Ha!

If you could jump on any tour with any artist who would it be and where would you love to go?
Jack White would be pretty cool. We’d go all over the globe.

What is your favorite track on the album?
I love them all but coming up with the opening track “Make It Last” was really special. I had been writing song after song for years, trying to get better at it. Do I start with the music? The lyrics? “Make It Last” felt like a big milestone in my own song-writing journey. It was the first time it all came together as a whole, chords, melodies, and lyrics, from beginning to end. No fillers, everything is there for a reason; if you remove one word it all falls apart.


As I’m writing this, I’m once again listening to this incredibly well-flowing album. It’s definitely an underestimated aspect of the creation of music. Whenever I pick up a new CD from an artist, it’s interesting to me to see how all of the songs intertwine, and Shaky Knees most certainly met my expectations here. “7 Years” is what a debut album should be: an initial showcase of what exactly the artist can do musically. Shaky Knees is an artist to keep on your radar.

Highlight tracks: “Make It Last”, “Won’t Beg You”, and “All That You Deserve”

Here’s what’s in it for you LD readers: Shaky Knees is wanting to put a copy of this debut album in your hands! Starting now and ending on Sept. 7, share this post on Twitter and tag #ShakyKneesLD @litdarling for your chance to win! 

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