What Halloween Means To Me

I know Halloween isn’t really one of the top-tier holidays. For most, Hanukkah, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Ramadan, Easter, and even New Year’s, place higher on the favorite holiday list. I suppose it’s a bit surprising, since, excepting one year, all of my autumns and Halloweens have been spent in Florida. My Octobers and all Hallow’s Eves have been warm, and seriously lacking in fall colors (although the leaves still fall, I swear!). Even our pumpkin patches are a bit of a downer: they are pre-picked. But, the spirit of Halloween is still strong around here, and in my heart. (Plus, I never had to wear a sweater with my costume). In fact, Halloween is either a close second, or neck-and-neck with Christmas, as my favorite holiday. Why?

It’s all because of what Halloween means to me:

Reading ghost and other spooky tales with my sister, in those October nights.


The family raking leaves of brown and red, tying white garbage bag ghosts up to tree limbs, and carving out the scariest pumpkin.


A pillowcase of candy and chocolate.


Becoming part of some of my favorite worlds, as a Hogwarts witch, or a Lothlorien Elf.


Crisp air, dark nights, apple cider, corn mazes, and chai tea.


Getting creative with my best friend, and learning the ropes of the neighborhood.


My mom taking the time to make me a zebra, a bear, a Pocahontas, and a dog costume.


A night come to life with goblins, ghosts, zombies, princesses, power rangers, cowgirls and cowboys, witches, vampires, and other things that go bump in the night.


“Practical Magic,” “The Shining,” “Harry Potter” and “Scary Movie.”

A time to ponder death, the afterlife, and spirits.


Making the candied apples,
hearing the empty stairs creek.
Watching the shadows of black cats
zoom around my feet.
Telling tales by firelight,
whispering incantations in the night.
It’s Halloween.

Happy Halloween to one and all!


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