Why Petroleum Jelly Is Your New Beauty Staple

Interesting fact number one: Vaseline has become a brand so well-known for making petroleum jelly that its company name has become synonymous with its product. This phenomenon has also happened with brands such as Kleenex, Jell-O, Q-tip, and Crockpot. The assumption here is that Vaseline is, in fact, the top producer of the product.

Interesting fact number two: DROP YOUR MOBILE DEVICE—or laptop, whatever you’re on, I don’t care—AND BUY SOME NOW.

Yes, I realize that was not an actual fact. But seriously, petroleum jelly is the most incredible, cheap, multipurposeful product money can buy. In fact, I’ll make this easy on you. Step one, refer to interesting fact number two. Step two, wait to complete step one until after you’ve read the following article. (Step three, figure out how those steps should have been ordered later.)

Petroleum jelly is basically the Harry Potter wand of Muggle home remedies. It might actually have magical properties (and, at less than $5 for 13 oz., it’s also budget-friendly), so get ready to have your mind blown while I list some of its health and beauty-related uses.


1. Substitute for eye makeup remover.

Actual eye makeup remover easily costs in the double digits (especially if you buy counter-brand). Petroleum jelly is not only cheaper, it will also last longer for the same effect: it takes off your eyeliner and mascara easily. Dip your finger in the tub, rub directly onto your eyes, and wipe off with a tissue.

2. Substitute for foundation primer.

Rub a thin layer of petroleum jelly on your face pre-foundation to achieve flawless, glowing skin. (Note: I have not tried this myself, but Tyra Banks loves the stuff for her eyes and everything, so…the end. P.S. I looked up multiple Internet users who confirm this works.) (Editor’s note: The Internet is always right!)

3. Use to soothe chapped lips and dry skin.

Petroleum jelly is an excellent moisturizer and is safe for any dry, cracked skin. (In the winter, it’s especially useful to protect your extremities from wind burn.) Use it the same way you’d use lotions and lip balms.

4. Use to remove excess nail polish from your cuticles.

I’m obsessed with perfectly-painted nails, but at home I always painting “outside the lines.” The solution is simple: Dip a cotton swab in your tub of petroleum jelly and rub it against your nails and cuticles before applying polish. When you’ve finished, use a clean Q-tip to wipe the jelly off your cuticle and skin. The end result is a clean, well-painted nail.

5. Apply to your skin before using tanning lotion or spray.

Safe tanners know the struggle of streakiness when relying on outdoor tanning lotion or spray tans. Petroleum jelly can be used to prevent streaks; just rub some onto your skin before your normal tanning routine.

6. Use to cure acne.

In researching great petroleum jelly uses, I found that it can help reduce the size and harshness of pimples. Who knew? Just dab a small amount on the offending blemish before bed and sleep with the jelly on your skin. According to reviews, you’ll wake up and marvel at the difference!

7. Rub on areas prone to chafing.

Athletes who experience chafing when running (or any other athletic activity) can rub petroleum jelly on their skin prior to their workout to reduce or fully prevent further irritation. Also works as a guard against the infamous chub rub.

8. Rub on wounds to prevent scars.

Deep cuts, scabs, and scrapes can be rubbed with petroleum jelly during the healing process to help prevent the area from scarring.

9. Rub on scars to minimize appearance.

Similar to the last point, petroleum jelly can be rubbed on a preexisting scar to help minimize the appearance. This also works for reducing the size and harshness of stretch marks!

10. Use it to stop bleeding in small cuts and scrapes.

In some cases, petroleum jelly can be used as a substitute for liquid bandage, as it will stop bleeding in minor abrasions such as shaving cuts. (Unlike liquid bandage, however, it is not antibacterial, so be sure to also use peroxide or ointment on areas that could get infected.)

I could go on. It solves dry rot problems, keeps battery cables from corroding, protects leather materials, and even helps relieve soreness for breastfeeding mothers. It’s a miracle product, and it’s one I strongly recommend you have handy at all times in your medicine cabinet (and tool box).

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