How To Feel Better According To Cristina Yang

Cristina Yang

I remember the first time I watched Grey’s Anatomy. My mom rented the two discs of season one from Redbox right after the show came out. I was a young and naive 13-year-old who stumbled upon my mom watching the season finale. Although the show wasn’t exactly age-appropriate, I was hooked when I heard Cristina Yang call George Syph-Boy (which preceded a short sex-talk about what syphilis was). She was a strong, bad-ass woman who cared about people just enough to want to be her friend but also confident and cocky, which I actually admired as a self-conscious 13-year-old.

As the seasons went on, my love for her continued. She was the one who made could always make me laugh or inspire me to try harder in every aspect of my life. I now find her strength, humor, and confidence even more relatable than ever as I battle through adulting.

So when you are feeling like this…

…remember that you have Cristina Yang, the ultimate bad-ass, on your side to help you. Here is the step-by-step guide on how to feel better.

Step 1: Remember that it is OK to cry.

Step 2: But then it is time to make a change.

Step 3: Identify your problems.

Step 4: Commit to the things you want to change.


Going without sleep makes all of the small struggles in life even more unbearable.

Step 6: Put yourself in situations that will make you happy. If not, leave.

Step 7: Or fake it ‘til you make it.

Step 8: If what you’re struggling with has to do with how you look, remember that it isn’t all about that.

Step 9: And be confidant in your looks!

Step 10: And in everything for that matter!

Step 11: If people around you aren’t being supportive, remember that you can be strong on your own.

Step 12: And it is okay to get rid of the negative people in your life.

Step 13: But then you should probably add some positive people in your life and find your “person.”

Step 14: Have a drink.

This step isn’t for everyone nor the healthiest way to cope with your problems but sometimes a beer helps you put things in perspective.

Step 15: Some sugar also helps in small doses.

Step 16: And your favorite food.

Step 17: If all else fails, just dance it out.

Step 18: And if that still doesn’t work, just remember there is always tomorrow.

Step 19: Remember…

So now go forth! Smile! You’ll be just fine. Cristina and I have your back.



Photo from ABC

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