The Unlikely Candidates Are At It Again With “Bed Of Liars”

I don’t know where, where my path will lead, but I’ll follow my feet and hopefully they’ll keep me on the ground, and I’ll keep walking to the sound.

My love affair with The Unlikely Candidates began in 2013 when I heard their hit single “Follow My Feet”—it was catchy, the lyrics packed a punch, and there was something awesome about the singer’s voice. It stuck with me. After meeting the band and seeing them perform a mini live show in Chicago, I was stoked to see where they’d go—and I was determined to see them go far.

Four years later, the five-piece Alternative/Indie Rock band from Fort Worth, Texas is back with a fantastic follow-up to their first EP, Follow My Feet. The new EP, Bed Of Liars, drops today and no surprise, I already love it.

tuc-bedofliarsBed Of Liars opens with a twangy-synth melody backed by a stomping rhythm in “Best Things in Life Aren’t Free.” The track echoes The Unlikely Candidates’ distinct style heard throughout their first release. Think: Kings Of Leon with a Texas twist.

The following two tracks, “Ringer” and “Your Love Could Start a War,” were both released as singles and it’s no surprise as to why—each one would fit perfectly in a radio lineup. While “Ringer” is a cheery, more pop-happy track, “Your Love Could Start a War” rocks a little harder with backing vocals and guitar that give the track an electric vibe.

The electricity continues strong into track four, “Violence”—this one reminds me a lot of what the Alternative/Indie scene sounds like these days (think: Bastille, The Black Keys, Barns Courtney) and it’s been a favorite of mine to put on repeat. I love the synth elements and the echo-y vocals in the verses that combine to create a powerful bridge and chorus.

“Call My Name” is easily my favorite track off the Bed Of Liars EP. I found myself hooked immediately, between the captivating melody composed of Kyle Morris’s vocals, the heartbeat-like thumping that accompanies him, and the instrumental backing that kicks in thereafter. Once the chorus hits, it’s hard not to sing along with the “nah nah nah” layered in the background.

Bed Of Liars ends strong with another hard-to-forget melody in “Reaction.” Any song with a chorus that encourages a sing-along always finds a special place in my heart (and in many of my playlists). The song ends with Kyle singing I need a—I need a reaction. And my reaction was effortless: start the EP over and listen again.

Despite the short track listing, every song stands on its own with catchy hooks and beats. This second release from The Unlikely Candidates serves as a perfect example of how much the band has grown into their sound without straying from what I loved about them to begin with.

All in all, Bed Of Liars is a solid EP with six tracks that will take turns getting stuck in your head. I can only hope The Unlikely Candidates will keep the fire burning and *fingers crossed* release a full-length album sometime in the near future. In the meantime, you can catch them on tour now, including a few shows at SXSW!

Track List:
1. Best Things in Life Aren’t Free
2. Ringer
3. Your Love Could Start a War
4. Violence
5. Call My Name
6. Reaction

Image Credit: Zach Burns

Literally, Darling received an advance download of The Unlikely Candidates’ Bed Of Liars EP from 37-Media to be reviewed. All opinions expressed are the author’s own.

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