#bookstagram Helped Me Write Again

As it happens with all writers, I recently went through a dry spell. I wasn’t sure the cause for this latest writing drought, but I was getting irritated with social media and found a lot of my favorite shows predictable. So I started reading more. Usually when I can’t write I also can’t be bothered to pick up a book, but it turns out that the key to getting out of my rut was Instagram. More specifically #bookstagram.

I know exactly why I couldn’t stop reading. I felt like I was drowning in books I wanted to buy/read. I started following a lot of bookstagrammers on Instagram. I loved seeing their books displayed beautifully with props and pictures and other bookish things. I loved the community of booklovers and shops. I started a list of book subscription boxes and would alternate months (cause I couldn’t afford them all). I was inundated with books. I felt like I was drowning in my TBR.

I wasn’t just reading; I was devouring books daily. As it currently stands I have about 30 books to go to reach my reading goal of 100 books for 2017. At the beginning of the year I thought that goal would be too much. There was no way I could balance my work life with friends, fun, and travel, not to mention all the TV shows on my list to watch every year. Turns out that goal might be a little too low.

So I made a decision to start my own bookstagram account. It’s been nice to see it grow and I’m so proud of myself as my pictures have gotten better with time (at least, IMO). I would be lying if I said I didn’t want it to grow ridiculously, but mostly I just like sharing my books, and the passion that I’ve found in them.

I’ve been privileged to not be burdened with an outrageous number of expenses (I’m an okay saver and I feel like rewarding myself each week I still have a job) which allows me to blow a little of my money on unnecessary* bookish things. I’ve learned that no one in my life is surprised by this semi-new development. I am who I am and I’ve never kept it a secret that I’m a bookworm. I love recommending books and having someone tell me it was just what they needed/wanted. I love buying them and holding them in my hand (even though a kindle is pretty handy sometimes). I like supporting smaller shops by buying things and knowing this helps them live out their entrepreneurial dreams. I might not know all, or any, of their names, but I like the little community I’m trying to build and the big one I’ve joined.

Becoming a bookstagrammer didn’t fix the feeling I had of drowning in books. My TBR is still wildly out of control, and growing like a monster on speed. It turns out I have no willpower when it comes to buying books/bookish items so that gets tested a little bit everyday (most days I feel like I failed). It turns out I like thrifting for books, and I’m fairly good at it.

I’m by no means professional. At last glance, I only have about 100 followers. I’m sure my pictures need work and aren’t incredibly original, but nevertheless I love it. I spend most of my time taking pictures of books, trying to decide on which one to post, finding books I want to read, and liking/commenting on other accounts amazing pictures. I’ve also started writing again. I no longer have that feeling of knowing I can’t compete with the talent I’m surrounded by everyday in my friends and fellow LD ladies.

If you want to find some good bookstagram accounts check out the #bookish or #bookstagram tag on Instagram.

*I mean if I want it is it unnecessary?

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