Best Instagram Accounts to Soothe Your Anxious Soul

Being at home 24/7 during the lockdown has done wonders on my habits and daily activities. No surprise, but I have been spending a bit more time on Instagram – and watching more stories than I ever have before. One very fruitful thing that has come of more time on the ‘gram has been that I’ve had the opportunity to carefully cultivate the accounts that I follow more than I ever have before. My account and my eyes are now full of adorable dogs, perfect picnics, stunning scenery, and bucolic lifestyle fantasies. And they’ve all brought their own sense of comfort, ease, and escape to my quarantined-mind. Here are some of my favorites to cuddle up with:



Her account has absolutely lovely photos of the homelife of Fiona in Scotland’s Orkney Isles and the beautiful landscape she lives in. Her images are lovely, and her stories are both therapeutic and feel as if you’re watching a friend’s day-to-day activities. 

Hill House Vintage


Follow her for the perfect blend of cottage interior comforts, picnics, and Paula of Hill House and her chocolate labrador, Coco in Norfolk.

Charlotte-Anne Fidler


She posts lots of videos of the extremely idyllic view out of her window. Her adorable long-furred cat named Nim makes a regular appearance, and garden and whimsical aesthetics dominate. 

I Am King Rasta


Follow them for stunning, pristine photos of a very photogenic white shepherd dog in very stunning, pristine alpine Switzerland. Green fields, dramatic cliffs, cascading waterfall,  and dandelions everywhere. And sweet Rasta in all of them.

Jonna Jinton 


Jonna’s IG is an artistic vision. Featuring mainly videos of the woodlands of magical Sweden, she sings, sometimes plays instruments, and all around provides a otherworldly experience with each post.

The On Being Project


A combination of poetry, some art, and thought provoking, uplifting quotes. The power of positive thinking is pretty strong here, and in a stimulating way.

Cat Morrison


Cute animals, beautiful friends, occasional artsy or fashionable photo. This account has just a general great aesthetic, all the time.

Ellen Tyn


Full of woodland-fairy-whimsy images, Ellen is a crafter and artist, who makes lots of adorable book covers, mittens, collars and such with amazing embroidery skills. It’s full of folklore looking images of her, nature, baked goods, and her products. 

Lizzie & Ally


Two adorable golden retrievers from Canada looking perfect in basically every photo. Nose cuddles, floral wreaths, peeking out at the door, or from leaves, or under the bedsheets abound.


Seriously perfect photos of the prettiest, sweetest things you can think of. A collection of gardens, flowers, baby farm animals (goats! Lots of them!). Picnics, cakes, fruit, art, and cats. Sometimes bread and jam. A truly delightful compilation of some of the nicest things around. 

Suki Cat


An adventuring kitty named Suki. She hikes. She poses. She climbs. She looks thoughtfully at the wonders of the world. Very photogenic cat in very stunning scenery. 



Truly dreamy photos of the ocean, beach, sky, moon, sunsets and sunrises. Think of pale blues and purple pastels with a seaside aesthetic. 

Casa Ayllon


Featuring French and Mediterrnean architecture with women, art, picnics, food, seascapes, fashion, food and the occasional cat. I feel very much on a chic holiday when on this profile. 

Pretty Book Places


Books. Bookstores. Bookshops. Libraries. Stacks of books. Arches of books. Beautiful architecture with books, and cozy hideaways full of books. 

Amber, lover of beasts


Full of very simple drawings and paintings of animals paired with either inspirational, sarcastic, amusing, or uplifting thoughts or quotes. Each post always brings me a little smile.

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