The Alt-Rock Soundtrack To Summer 2017

It seems like every summer, I get nostalgic for June and July by mid-August. Logical? Not really. Understandable because I’m a sappy person? I hope so. I think it hits me that my favorite season is winding down and that then blooms into a quiet panic about not having done everything I’d imagined. I said I’d spend more weekends in the city. I said I’d catch up with friends from college. I said I’d visit New York City (note: this one I did and I’m still thrilled about it).

This summer in general, I’ve been making a conscious effort to do things. And to not be afraid to do them alone. Which means I’ve been delightfully busy in my free time and loving it. With lots of doing, lots of driving, and endless daydreaming in between, there have been quite a few songs accompanying me as I go—my personal soundtrack to the summer. They’re songs I’ll likely continue to hear as fall settles in and I’ll think of those moments when I first heard them or those long days where I couldn’t listen to anything else (see: “Feel It Still” by Portugal. The Man). I’m particularly excited for the songs that will remind me I really went to New York City! I did the thing! (Did I mention I’m still thrilled about this?)

We all know there were quite a few albums released this season and based on buzz I’ve heard on social media and among friends, many of them have become quick favorites (I see you, HAIM and Lorde). I love a big release summer like this one, because there’s always something new to listen to. It’s a huge bonus that a handful of these albums were so solid, as they’ve consistently served as a backbone for my summer playlists.

Now, because it’s me (and because I can’t resist following suit with the past couple of summers), this playlist is curated entirely with alt-rock jams for your listening pleasure. Not sure what’s been on alternative radio in recent months? Not sure which bands are on the rise or might be making a return? Simply looking for something new to listen to? I’ve got you covered on all counts. 

These are the best alt-rock songs of summer 2017.

Photo by Pablo Heimplatz on Unsplash

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