Witchy Woman: An Enchanting October Playlist

Halloween is nearly upon us, and if youre like me youve probably been getting amped for the last month and a half. Or, if were being completely honest, since like, last Halloween. Witchcraft has been having a moment for a while, and even if you havent been crazy about the trend, now is the perfect time to try your witch hat on for size.

This playlist is full of spooky, rebellious, and haunting songs from female artists, perfect for soaking in an enchanted bath, getting ready for a night of seduction, or simply hanging with your best coven of pals. Witchcraft is about femininity, empowerment, and tapping in to your mystic side. These songs embody just that. From the punchy beats of Bikini Kill to the dream-like tones of Lana del Rey, these songs embody a wide range of witchyconcepts. Including well-known witch anthem classics like Rhiannonby Fleetwood Mac as well as more indie faves like Hang Meby Tancred, theres something here for every witch, or anyone who just wants to be spellbound by the mood of the season.

Happy haunting!

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