4 Ways to Spoil ( & Thank) Your Bridesmaids

The bridesmaids at your wedding are an important element of your wedding day. They’re vital to ensuring that everything goes smoothly and that you are happy with everything. So with that in mind, they deserve a little treat or two, to show how much you appreciate them and what they’ve done for you. Here are a few ways to thank and spoil your bridesmaids.

Have A Bridesmaid Gift Bag For The Day

When the wedding comes around, the morning can be a little hectic and so you want to ensure that everyone is having fun. One way to help start off the day is to give them a memorable start with a gift bag. This might contain their bridesmaid robes to get in whilst they’re having their makeup and hair done. It’s a small gesture that shows how much you care about them. It doesn’t need to be anything expensive, it could simply be a personal card for them to open. 

Take Them Out For Dinner

If you fancy having some time to yourselves, rather than doing much on the day of the wedding, then taking them out for dinner will likely be appreciated by all those involved. It can perhaps have a special meaning to you all in reference to where you go for the meal. As you’re just inviting your bridesmaids, it can be more personal, and you can choose to do this before or after the wedding. Regardless, you’ll likely be talking about the wedding either way. Make sure you have an idea of what everyone likes so that you can cater to everyone and no one gets left out. 

Treat Them To Their Dress

The cost of a wedding is certainly very costly, and you may find that to ask them to buy an entire outfit can be a big ask, so as your wedding gift to them, you might wish to provide them with the bridesmaid dress. After all, a lot of bridesmaid dresses are unique and are unlikely to be worn more than once, with some maybe only being worn that one time. Aside from hiring them, it is a nice touch to gift them a dress so that they can forever remember that moment they were with you when you got married.

Create A Personalized Gift For Them

A personalized gift is something extra special that anyone would enjoy receiving because it shows some thought has gone into picking the gift. It also makes it unique, and that can be really special for the person. Why not tailor it to the person you’re giving it to? Maybe it’s a favourite brand of candles or jewellery, for example, that can be personalized with their initials.

There are many ways to spoil your bridesmaids, but they will forever be grateful to be part of your special day. So find ways to thank your bridesmaids the way you’d like to do it and make it personal to them and to you. It’s a special moment you’ll enjoy together.

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