How to Practice Mindful Skincare

By Helen Bradford

Mindfulness has become a popular topic over the past few years. It gained its popularity due to its possibility to boost our happiness and decrease the stress we feel every day. Mindfulness has also been connected to the health of our skin. But what is mindfulness actually? It’s an abstract concept describing the way we accept ourselves and perceive our presence now – it’s all about the present, and not about the past or future. This article offers some insights into the ways to practice mindfulness during your skincare ritual

Mind the ingredients you’re putting on your skin

One of the first mindfulness habits for clearer, healthier skin is to learn about the beauty products you’re using and the ingredients they contain. You should read the labels of your products and find out about the ingredients they contain. You can check the ingredients online for their detailed description. There are even some apps that you can download and check the products for their level of toxicity. And the ratings are based on allergy, cancer and other health concerns from the ingredients. The ingredients you should definitely avoid are fragrance, parabens and oxybenzone. This is important as many beauty products contain all kinds of harmful and unnatural ingredients which can cause us some serious health issues. And since our skin is the largest organ we have, it makes sense to take care of what we put onto it. 

Being mindful in your skincare routine also includes another ingredient-related step that is too easily forgotten. Avoiding harmful chemicals is only the start of your journey into a world of healthier beauty regimes. As you read through the labels, do make sure you understand the difference between BB and CC cream. Both creams can improve your complexion, but BB and CC products serve different purposes. One is tinted to erase blemishes while the other corrects imperfection from within. How does it relate to mindfulness, you ask. Simple: Using ingredients you can trust also implies knowing which ones are best for your skin! 

Invest in clean skincare companies

An essential part of self-care is to be aware of where your money is going and whether you’re making the right financial investment. This is called ‘being mindful of your financial footprint’. You ought to make sure that your money is going into the right companies, those that promote health and safety in the first place. Unfortunately, many cosmetic companies nowadays put their profit above the consumers’ health and safety. So, since they don’t mind about us, the consumers, we need to take the matter into our own hands and do our research. Clean skincare companies offer products that can achieve the effect they state but without containing harmful ingredients. However, many companies don’t disclose every ingredient they use in a certain product, you need to be careful also where you buy your beauty products. You should definitely buy them from trustworthy companies. Check out Intercosmetics and their beauty product like Diego Dalla Palma Professional Skin Care.

Feel what you’re doing

The skincare routine we usually do is cleansing, toning and moisturizing. But the key question is how do we do it? Do we enjoy every moment of it and take some time to observe our skin or we just quickly go through the process just to finish it as soon as possible? In order to practice and connect mindfulness and skincare routine, we need to take a deep breath and take it slowly, questioning and appreciating every moment of it. How can you implement this in your actual skincare routine? Well, start by looking at yourself carefully in the mirror. Examine your skin for all the features: dryness, oiliness, puffiness as well as the presence of acne and blackheads. Being mindful about the looks of your skin allows you to notice what your skin needs that particular day. Some days it will be a simple massage, sometimes a face mask, at other times extra hydration and if you experience some more serious skin conditions, even a visit to your local dermatologist.

Take it slowly

We usually live a pretty hectic lifestyle and that’s how we usually do all the things, in a rush. Being mindful includes taking your time and really massaging the products in your skin. In that way, you’ll really cleanse and moisturize your skin. For example, when washing your face, allow every product to sit on your skin for 2 to 3 minutes. It will allow your skin to absorb the product better. You can use a timer to make sure you’re being punctual. 

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Massage your skin

When it comes to putting a certain product on our skin, we usually do it routinely, without being truly present at the moment. And this is something we should definitely try to change. We should mindfully massage the products in our skin to feel more pampered. This is what will maximize the results. Being consistent but also mindful of our skincare routine is the first step to clean and glowing skin. Moreover, massaging your skin also increases the blood flow and circulation and it brings about many benefits for your skin, such as natural-looking skin.

Being present at every moment with our mind and thinking about the condition our skin is in and considering what it needs and then applying the products with full awareness are all important parts of the mindful skincare routine. And these are simple steps everybody can take. 

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