How to Make the Most Out of a Small Living Space

Living in a small apartment or dorm poses many challenges because of its limited space. With apparent disarray everywhere, you may be mentally overwhelmed and not at your full potential. From organizational struggles to feeling trapped and contained, there is a need to optimize your home to feel more comfortable and spacious. While decluttering your display cabinet and donating belongings can both be huge helps in achieving your desired apartment or dorm, this is only the beginning.  It is so important to value the space we live in and take the time to find solutions so that we will love the place we come home to every day. Keep reading to discover a variety of hacks when trying to enhance your space. 

Furniture storage 

It’s so crucial to use every inch of the space you have. Instead of investing in furniture and storage pieces, think of creative ways to combine the two of them. You can invest in furniture pieces that double as storage or get creative and make your own furniture from the storage options available. There are so many ways you can utilize multifunctional storage to act as a furniture piece as well. For example, think of using mobile shelves as bedside tables within your bedroom. This can be perfect for additional clothing storage aside from your closets. You are also able to use the tops as tables! The mobility of these mobile storage containers also gives you the option to move it around when things become cramped in an area. 

Reflective materials 

Good lighting is vital when it comes to enhancing your small living space. Choosing to incorporate mirrors or decor items made of glass will reflect natural light and make the space appear as if it’s twice as large. Natural lighting will also improve your overall wellbeing and mood. So as the reflective surfaces in your space bring in more and more natural light, you may begin to feel better about the “vibe” of your space. It’s a win-win! When allowing light to shine through your windows, try investing in sheer curtains, as they will appear lighter and allow more sunlight to come within. 


Since small apartments have limited options to expand horizontally, vertical is the way to go! Optimize your vertical storage options by including floating shelves or shelving units in your space! Adding in scattered shelves within your kitchen area gives you ample space to store appliances and additional dishes, rather than putting them on the counter. Shelves can also be very helpful within your closest as well. Integrating them within your closet space provides a perfect platform for more baskets or bins to store bulkier clothing items. 

Statement wall

Last but not least, incorporate a wall that will give your living area some depth. Keep in mind that darker colors can actually trick your mind into thinking the room is even smaller than it actually is. When choosing the scheme for your statement wall, steer towards lighter, and more vibrant colors. Many choose to go with stripes as they tend to give the illusion of greater height or length in the room. After choosing the decor for your statement wall, try to stick to neutral tones throughout the rest of the room. This way it will feel lively instead of being cramped and cluttered like it was before. 

While there are many tricks into making your area the best it can be, it is so important that we make an effort not only to make our space look better but to feel better as well! Focus on brightening up your space and organizing your belongings, and the rest will follow! Comment below your most used organization hack! 

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