How to Make Your Golden Marriage Anniversary a Hit

It takes two to make a couple, but a process of trust, love, commitment, and a whole lot more to survive the permanent bond of marriage. The 50th wedding anniversary is also known as the golden anniversary because, in medieval times, a husband would give the wife a golden wreath, garland, or necklace to signify prosperity and timelessness, and that is why golden wedding anniversary gifts hold a very special place for a couple. A golden wedding anniversary is a milestone celebrated by couples in a conjugal bond with a promise of lifelong love and commitment. 

It celebrates half a century of togetherness. 

From courtship to a conjugal bond, a golden wedding anniversary is all about the celebration of life and love. When looking back, it is hard to pinpoint one good time, because there are so many! 

A couple grows old together.

 On your golden wedding anniversary, acknowledge the strength, value, and permanence of your marriage. Gold signifies all the aforementioned qualities and is best suited for a marriage that has survived the test of time and always comes out with flying colours.

Reaffirm your love for each other and make the best out of your golden wedding anniversary gifts in these five ways:

1. Everything that glitters need not be gold!

As soon as the clock strikes midnight, raise a toast to each other as you sip on some champagne (FYI golden accent!) and groove to your favourite music as you celebrate the golden anniversary. It’s unreasonable to expect everything gold coated, but it is absolutely alright to have a gold-themed anniversary party. You can choose outfits, jewellery, golden accent pieces for the house, and the anniversary cake with golden accents. Let the gold bring in

a sense of magic!

2. Renew your wedding vows

It is no small feat to spend your life’s 50 years with one person, through thick and thin. Maybe that is what has chiseled the marriage. But monotony can sometimes take a toll in any relationship, be it parent-child or husband-wife. So, all you need to do is hit the refresh button, i.e. renew your vows. This wedding need not have the same guest list or match the size of the last one, but a repeat of all the rituals can be fun!

3. Have a romantic photoshoot

Life after marriage can become a tad monotonous. Spice it up with a romantic photoshoot on your 50th anniversary. Get the prints and put it up on display for the golden anniversary party. Take pictures with your near and dear ones. That will be something to look back on, in your diamond anniversary.

4. Romance by starlight

If you’re not a people person, then there’s no point giving yourself a hard time trying to interact with the members of your party. Instead, simply go for a long drive and set up a camp. You can spend time with each other, drinking, listening to music, and talking. If your anniversary is in winter, set up a bonfire and maybe reminisce about the bygone days until you fall asleep counting stars under the open sky. If you don’t want to worry about drinking and driving, hire a limo service to take the hassle out of transportation.

5. Relive your first date

Do you wish you could time travel to when you first met each other? Revisit the time when curiosity and excitement mixed with a little fear set butterflies in your stomach? Try to re-enact the first date and fall in love all over again. Talk about your common interests from that time and compare it with the present. Play a memory game. Test each other on who remembers that day the best.

Like gold, through the years your marriage has only proven to be stronger and shinier.

Keep loving each other and living your life to the fullest!

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