Everything You Need to Know About Alkaline Skincare

Everyone needs strong, healthy skin that stays radiant and radiated at all times. Thankfully, this is something that you can achieve by switching to alkaline skin care cruelty free products. Alkaline skin care can also help you deal with stubborn skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. However, before you make that bold step, at Sond, we suggest that you go through this comprehensive guide to help you understand every aspect of alkaline organic skincare. Note that our products are non GMO and work even if you are vegan.

What Happens When the Body Gets Hyper Acidic?

Our bodies are naturally programmed to react very fast to hyperacidity. If the blood pH plummets below 7.2, there is a good chance that we might die. In most cases, your body will lose its ability to fight infections such as eczema. To prevent this, our physiology has created an emergency plan. For example, if our blood gets too acidic, the superfluous acid gets stored in the connective tissue for the interim.

Alkaline Vs. Acidic

We will try to keep it as simple as we can to help you understand this section better. Since many people already know what acidic is, we will first discuss the term. To know how acidic your blood is, Sond uses a pH scale, and it ranges from 1-14. The lesser the acidic something is, the higher on the scale it will be; alkaline is the opposite to that.

Our Skin pH

Now that you understand the meaning of pH, we can now take a look at our skin and organic skincare. Human skin is composed of three layers, with each layer sitting on top of the previous one. Note that each layer has a function that is independent of the rest. However, today, Sond skin is going to focus on the top layer.

How PH, Affects the Skin

Right now, natural skincare is the buzz. Besides being affordable, people prefer using what they can easily find in their kitchen cabinet. It is important to use natural products that will not negatively impact your skin. Therefore, to know what will work best for your skin, you must understand pH and how it relates to skin health.

The Epidermis or Outer Layer Skin

This is the layer of the skin that is responsible for producing new cells and giving your skin its colour. The epidermis also keeps your skin healthy and protected. A closer look into the epidermis reveals that it has five layers and that the distance between each layer is less than a quarter of the thickness of the human layer. Thus, you can imagine how thick the epidermis is.

Why You Should Alkalise Your Skin

To keep your cells in their best condition, they must be kept in an alkaline environment. Here are some of the benefits you will gain from using alkaline products from Sond skin, such as natural moisturiser to enhance your beauty and fashion.

Supports Natural Cells

As we have already said, your cells will thrive if they are kept in an alkaline environment. This gives you benefits such as:

  • Promoting and maintaining the normal body, thereby helping your body to function optimally
  • Keeping your cells less stressed through balancing and enabling optimum conditions
  • Providing cells with more elements

If it happens that your connective tissues have too many toxins and get excessively acidic, it will not be able to take care of transportation effectively. It is important to note that this method applies for vegetarians as well.

Enhances Your Skin’s Natural Defenses

One of the best reasons you should consider our products is because they contain natural alkalising salts. Thus, this will ensure that the natural defence of your skin. This happens because most microorganisms cannot survive in acidic concentrations.

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Strengthens Your Connective Tissues

It is your skin’s connective tissues that keep it smooth and supple. In the connective tissues, proteins like collagen get stronger when pH levels are close to 7.4. Our alkaline products are not GMOs. and can keep your connective tissues stronger for an extended period. If you make sudden changes to your skin PH, using the wrong tips, the proteins get out of shape easily. If this happens, the condition can only be rectified when the entire cell layer is.

How to Know Your Skin Has Become Alkalized?

The signs of these essential changes differ from person to person. Some will experience instant changes while others might have to wait longer. It also depends on the type of products you have used on your skin. However, most individuals experience significant changes after 28 days.

Alkalising skin care is a very different approach, so most clients can get results that they have never experienced before. If you feel that this is the best thing for you, make sure to have the services provided by experienced skincare experts. They will use the best tips to deliver quality services such as using natural moisturiser on your skin to enhance your beauty, and fashion, even if you are a vegan.

The Bottom Line

Whether you are a vegetarian, you can alkalise your skin to enhance its health. Sond sensitive skincare is one of the best ways to improve your skin by using invasive procedures. However, based on your skin type, you might not experience immediate improvements. If your skin gets too acidic, your connective tissues might get impaired. Therefore, it is important that you use the right cruelty free products to optimise your skin’s functionality, and benefit from other benefits in this guide.

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