4 Reasons Why Summer Is the Best Time for a Home Renovation

By Kiley Morrow

Summer is the ideal time to tackle the indoor and outdoor renovations that can transform your house into your dream home. If you have a list of renovations that you’re ready to make, great! If your vision is still vague, this treasure trove of remodeling ideas for your home’s interior and exterior is sure to spark your creativity.

The four reasons bulleted below explain why leveraging summer’s many benefits can help you accomplish your renovation goals.

Ideal Weather

During the winter, snow, ice, and frigid temperatures can cause costly delays. Your contractors, subcontractors, interior designers, and demolition teams won’t travel in hazardous conditions. Similarly, inclement weather, even in other parts of the country, can postpone the delivery of critical building materials.  

Summer’s warm temperatures make it the perfect season for:

  • Projects that require digging such as in-ground pools, landscaping, foundations, water features, and patios ― Since the ground is easier to dig in summer, digging will take less time and be less expensive. You can also make it easier on yourself by hiring a mason.
  • Undertaking outdoor tasks like replacing roofing, repairing a deck, creating a firepit, gardening and landscaping ― These tasks require warm weather. You can turn to Better Homes & Gardens for this year’s hottest outdoor living trends
  • Building a home-renovation workshop and storage outbuilding ― This will dramatically reduce the indoor clutter, dust, and debris that is an inherent part of renovations. Your workshop should feature sturdy tables, shelves, pegboards for hanging tools, plenty of natural and artificial light, and an abundance of electrical outlets. Attractive out buildings constructed from quality materials can raise your property value as well. 
  • Completing indoor and outdoor renovations simultaneously ― You can shorten the duration of the disruption to your family’s routine by scheduling indoor and outdoor workers at the same time.   

Longer Days

The actual number of hours of daylight depends on your home’s latitude. But earlier sunrises and later sunsets ensure summer days will be longer, no matter where you live. Extra hours of daylight mean that:

  • Your construction team will have more time to work daily. This is especially true for outdoor projects. The advantage: an overall reduction in project time and cost.
  • There will be more natural light for painting indoors. Paint colors can look different depending on the direction or exposure of the natural light source. For example, the perfect white can have a pink undertone in certain light. That’s why it’s important to test the color you fell in love with at the paint store on the wall before you paint the entire room. Otherwise, you may end up having to repaint the room to get the color that you wanted in the first place, costing you unbudgeted time and money. 
  • If you’re planning to do some or all of the projects yourself, you’ll have more time to work each day. This is a significant benefit, especially if you can only do renovations after work and on weekends.

Vacation Time

Summer is the best possible time to schedule major renovations because kids are out of school, so you can take a family vacation that will get everyone out of the house until the work is complete. Taking a vacation is about more than escaping the dust and disorder that are an intrinsic part of any home makeover project. It will keep you and your family from being in the way so you don’t delay construction. It may also prevent you and your loved ones from being injured in a construction-related accident.

Furniture Sales

Home renovation doesn’t end with structural modifications. No remodeled room is complete without new furniture. The good news is that two of the biggest furniture sales of the year coincide with summer’s major holidays: July 4 and Labor Day.

If you renovate your family room, it’s likely that you will want to buy a new couch. No other piece of furniture invites family and friends to make themselves comfortable like a couch. That’s why selecting the right couch for your remodeled family room is so important. Modular couches have the unique distinction of being both trendy and classic. And for good reason. Modular couches are incredibly versatile. You can rearrange segments based on decorating whims or create unique seating configurations for social gatherings. 

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Selecting furniture, particularly large statement pieces like modular sofas, can be daunting. Home of Cozy can ease the stress and guesswork and help you find modular furniture to fit your space

Don’t forget to choose outdoor furniture for your updated patio or other outdoor space. Weather-resistant dining sets, seating, and even loveseats and couches can extend your decorating aesthetic to your yard. You can even add outdoor area rugs and coffee tables to make the space feel more like an open-air living room.

The innumerable choices involved in renovating a home can feel daunting. Home improvements can disrupt your family’s life for the duration of the work. And they can be expensive. Doing renovations during the summer and following the four suggestions above can relieve much of the stress, shorten the duration, and even save you some money.

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