Tips for Hosting a Memorable Birthday Party

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We know that birthday parties were so fun and exciting in childhood and stopped being alluring later on in life. We also know why that is – it takes the wind out of your sales when you have to take a lot of time to plan and host a party . Still, this doesn’t mean that birthday parties have to be a bore to plan. Luckily, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to put together an extensive list of useful tips and tricks that will help you host the most memorable birthday party.

Decide who’s coming

First things first – you have to decide who’s coming to your party. If you’re planning a kids’ birthday party, you should go through the list of their friends from school and neighbourhood, as well as cousins and make sure everyone’s included. Of course, it should go without saying that your child should also be included in the making of this list, as they have every right to say that they don’t want someone to come. If the party is for you or another grownup, you should think about how big of a party you actually want to host. Small and intimate with a selected few, or invent your loud crowd and go wild? It’s completely up to you, but the number of guests will play a huge part in the rest of the planning process, so you should do this step first.

Pick the perfect place

Now that you know the number of people that will be coming to the party, it’s time to pick the place that will fit them all and that you will love. If it’s a small enough party and you have enough space, you can always host it at your house. But be aware that not only will you have to prepare and decorate before the guests arrive, but you will also have to clean up after everyone leaves. With kids’ parties, most people choose to book a venue and let kids go wild because this is convenient, and kids love being able to run and jump all over the place. A venue will certainly cost you some money, but your guests will have a completely different experience, and you’ll be able to enjoy time with them without having to worry about things in your house getting damaged or cleaning up after everyone.

Set the theme

Themed birthday parties are all the rage with it comes to kids, but they are very popular with adults too. This is because adults love dressing up just as much as kids, but they don’t have as many opportunities to do so. You don’t have to go overboard with decorations, though, as dress code, special music, and little things such as ordering custom stubby holders for the drinks and selected dishes will likely do the trick. With kids, however, a birthday party theme means the world, so putting in a lot of thought is a must. In fact, theme and decorations are just as important as the presents they receive on their special day. Custom-made decorations can take a party from ordinary to extraordinary, and can even make the difference between a forgettable party and one that will be remembered for years to come. Children love to see their favorite characters come to life, and having them as part of the decorations can add an extra layer of excitement and joy to the celebration. With custom blow-up displays, you can create a unique and personalized atmosphere that will leave a lasting impression on the birthday child and their guests. So, when it comes to planning a kid’s birthday party, remember that the decorations are just as important as the gifts, and custom decorations can make all the difference in creating a memorable and enjoyable experience for everyone involved. Of course, there will be kids who aren’t so focused on a specific theme, but if your kid is invested in something, acknowledge their interests and likes and incorporate them into the party. 

Don’t let anyone go thirsty or hungry

If there is one thing people like to do at birthdays, it’s to toast and cheer for the birthday boy/girl. This means that there will be loads of drinking and, in some cases, loads of spills too. A good assortment of drinks will show your guests how considerate you are, as there will likely be people who can’t drink alcohol or a certain kind of juice or soda. Kids’ parties need sodas and water, but with adults, it’s a bit more complex. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks should be plenty, and cocktails are also a good idea since these can be mocktails too.

Organize entertainment for the guests

Sometimes, having drinks, food, and music will be enough to keep your guests entertained, especially if it’s an intimate party and everyone knows each other. Of course, if it’s a bigger gathering, you might need to sort out entertainment, especially if there are kids too. By far, the simplest way to keep adults entertained is to set a photo background and add a box of props or get a photo booth. If there are kids, hiring their favourite costumed character is a great idea, too, since they will love hanging out with Spiderman or Elsa. Smaller kids will go wild will classic games such as musical chairs and freeze tag, and if you have a garden, you can also let them go through an obstacle course.

Set the time

Now, when will your party take place? It also depends on the number of guests, their ages, and the time of the week. Most people choose to host birthday parties on weekends since they don’t have to worry about work or school at that time. A simple, intimate dinner can also happen in the middle of the week, especially if you aren’t planning on keeping everyone up late, but if you’re planning an earlier party, pick a date that works for everyone. If you’re planning a birthday party for younger kids, keep in mind that many of them nap during the day, but older kids can easily party a bit later in the afternoon or even in the evening.

Always have plan B up your sleeve

No matter how well we plan and how much of a head start we have, sometimes the unexpected can happen, and our plans can get spoiled. Even if things don’t end up perfect, you can always save the day, especially if you have a plan B ready. You should always be prepared for the worst-case scenario in advance, as it will give you a sense of control even if everything isn’t perfect. For an outdoor party, make a backup plan in case of bad weather, have a spare Bluetooth speaker to make sure there’s music, and have a fast food place on speed dial if you need more snacks. That being said, try not to worry too much about the little things, because even if things don’t go completely according to plan, it doesn’t mean that your party is going to be ruined.

It doesn’t matter if you’re hosting a birthday party for your kid, partner, parent, or yourself; planning is the most important part. When you take time and make detailed to-do lists, you will soon learn that preparations aren’t nearly as exhausting as you thought before. What is more, the more effort you put into it in advance, the better results you will get later on. With good planning, you will discover that birthday parties aren’t that scary.

Article by Mark Bingham

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