Since moving to the East Village in NYC soon after graduation Simone accomplished her life’s goal and is now desperately seeking a new one to aim for (suggestions welcome). Her favorite things include taking to her bed, Thai food, puppies, gin and tonics, group chat, saying the phrase “,” and serial commas, in that order. She’s working on being financially independent, listening to people’s names when they introduce themselves, thinking before speaking, being concise and leaning in. Her grandmother once told her that in a past life she was a redwood tree because of her auburn colored hair and her spirit animal/patronus would definitely be a sea otter. By day, Simone writes for a wedding planning website, even though she’s nowhere near prepared for marriage. Seriously though, stop asking. If you have to know, her ideal wedding is a street food fair where everyone enjoys 90s karaoke. You can follow her on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram @sim1hill.