Why You Should Watch Justified

Based off of the series of stories by Elmore Leonard, the show Justified has been on the air for awhile, and in January it’s heading into its 5th season. The DVD for the 4th season is being released soon, so I thought I would take a moment to appreciate one of my favorite shows. EVER.
You see, Justified is all about the characters. It centers around a US Marshall who’s spent his life running from his hometown of Harlen County, Kentucky. It’s a classic Fresh Prince scenario- he shot someone point-blank, his superiors got a little scared, and told him he’s going back to Louisville.
Thus ensues four seasons full of dynamic characters, wonderful Southern landscapes, chaos, mafias, humor, love, and Deputy US Marshall Sassy-Pants Givens.

This is Deputy US Marshall Raylan Givens:

He’s your run of the mill, gorgeous, gun-happy good-ol-boy from Kentucky:

This is Boyd Crowder:

Technically he was a Nazi skinhead for a hot second, but I promise, that’s over.

He has good intentions!

Boyd and Raylan have a wonderful bromance…they just happen to shoot each other a lot.

They dug coal together:

The show is punny:

Did someone say strong female leads?

Raylan Givens really could not give any fewer f*cks.

The characters impart important life advice:

You get an insight into the serious world of the US Marshal service.

A lot of the character moments are deep, and truly touching:

There are some wonderful, wonderful lines on this show:

Ava Crowder:

Somehow the crime lords are your favorite characters. And secretly good people?

Basically, it’s just really, really badass.

So watch it.


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