Halloween 2013 Costume Predictions

Each October, pop culture unleashes a new wave of potential costume ideas upon us. Amongst your “sexy cats” and “sexy geeks” there will always be the sexy version of the newest superhero franchise, or an allusion to some new pop star. When done well, these costumes can be hysterical… until you see them everywhere you turn. Here are a few of Literally, Darling‘s costume predictions for this Halloween. 

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1. Miley Cyrus and/or Robin Thicke/The Foam Finger

I swear, if I see even one nude bikini clad, tongue wagging girl paired with a guy wearing sunglasses and a referee suit or a giant Teddy Bear, I swear I will go insane.

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2. “Breaking Bad”

Great show, I admit. But who thinks, “Hey, this Halloween I’ll dress up like a meth cooker and it’ll be a really great costume!” When you have six guys in beanies and hoodies calling themselves Jessie, it’s not going to be that funny.

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3. Game of Thrones

Okay, it’s not exactly a “new” costume idea, but you can bet that there will be a bunch of dudes without hands and blonde girls walking around with badly done braids in their hair this year.

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4. Superman

I just love a man with disgustingly slicked back hair and nerd glasses.

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5. The Fox from the Ylvis video

This costume is only acceptable if it is a full body fox costume and not a “sexy” variation.

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6. Some variation of a Government Shutdown costume

Not sure how to pull this off, but I know that out there several overly snarky guys will find a way. (Bonus points if they go as the little boy from the Zoo).

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What are you going as this Halloween? Tweet us @litdarling and let us know!

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