Meet The Perfect White Shirt

When the lovely people at InStyle approached us about writing a review for the “perfect white button down,” I think I screamed a little bit in excitement.

My hunt for the perfect button down has been going strong since about 6th grade, when I threw down my button down Oxford uniform shirt in disgust and said, “There has to be something better than this.”

But alas, I never found it.

Button downs are part of my everyday staple. I wear them with sweaters, with jeans, with skirts, over dresses, under dresses—you name it, I wear a button down with it. But they’re impossible to find and even harder to love. They never fit properly, they’re often uncomfortable or sheer or too scratchy, and they always—without fail—have that obnoxious gape in the boob region.

Enter InStyle’s Classic White Button-Front.

This shirt has extra buttons that are hidden discretely, and has an EXTRA BUTTON OVER THE CHEST AREA. I cannot tell you how genius this is. The shirt looks absolutely banging on the models, so I was incredibly excited for it to come. Unfortunately, due to a snow storm, I had to wait for the package to come with bated breath, and when I finally got it I was dancing around my apartment in excitement.

So, still in my work clothes, I threw on the shirt in a fit of excitement and made my roommate photograph me.

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  • The shirt is called a “triofit,” and is intended to be customized to your size. When you order it, you choose your cup size and your band size. I’m a 34B, but because I like my clothes loose, I ordered a 34C, just to be safe.
  • The extra buttons over the breast area are brilliant. I can’t tell you how much I love this. It fits perfectly in the bust: no gaping, no pulling, and no sagging. It’s actually perfect.
  • It’s really nice quality. The collar stands up beautifully, and looks amazing.
  • You can machine wash it!! I hate and detest dry cleaning anything. I wouldn’t suggest drying it in a machine, though.
  • The material has a bit of stretchiness to it, so it’s very easy to move in.


  • Alas, this shirt is a little sheer. However, this is very easily fixed by wearing an undershirt underneath, or wearing a sweater over it.
  • The midriff section is extremely tight. This problem may be unique to me. I’m very picky about how my clothes fit, and I prefer them to be very loose. Due to this, I probably will not wear this shirt without a sweater on top. However, I know I’m picky, and I don’t want to diss what is otherwise an amazing shirt. So I took to Instagram to see how other women have worn it. I searched for the #instyleessentials tag and found a few women looking absolutely fly in this shirt.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3


As you can see above, these women are looking absolutely amazing in the InStyle Essentials white button down.

So is this actually the perfect white shirt? No. But it’s the closest I have ever come to finding it, and my 6th-grade soul is singing the graces of InStyle. Be sure to check out their other perfect white shirt options, in varying styles!

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  • Ah so cool! But it doesn’t look like they have cup size A shirts for us of the small ta-tas regime. :( Did I miss it?

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