Why Michelle Obama Is My #WomanCrushWednesday

Michelle Obama is arguably, more popular than her husband. Especially if you look at opinion polls, people are genuinely unsatisfied with President Obama at the moment. While it is normal for a first lady to be more popular than her husband when it comes to polls, the American public’s disappointment in her husband has little effect on her own popularity. Just what makes the first lady so awesome? Here is my list of why she should be your Woman Crush Wednesday:

  1. She was told by her teachers in high school that her grades were not good enough to apply and attend an Ivy League. Then she told them to kiss her butt and went to Princeton and Harvard Law School.
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2. She has always been the boss, like literally; she was President Obama’s mentor at the law firm of Sidney Austin.

3. Her background in service goes back to 1991, when she left a private law firm to work for her community in positions as an assistant to the mayor and then as the founder and director of Public Alliances Chicago, which was created to help guide young adults into public service.

4. While President Obama was running first for Congress and then Senate, Mrs. Obama was moving up the ladder at University of Chicago and raising two children.

Getty Images
Getty Images

5. She is an excellent speaker. Her speech at the DNC in 2008, which can be found on CSPAN, made it clear to the world that she was an intelligent and capable woman, who would not be riding her husband’s coattails, but setting her own agenda.

6. She sometimes gets criticized for it, but the woman knows how to dress, and she supports American designers, like Jason Wu and J.Crew

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Getty Images

7. She wears the pants, prime example being the look she shot President Obama during the selfie incident at Nelson Mandela’s funeral.


8. It is obvious just how much she loves her husband. She even tweets about it!

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9. She can boogie woogie with the best of them.


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10. Her Let’s Move and Joining Forces Campaigns, go to the heart of important issues like childhood obesity and support for our soldiers and their families


She is accessible to the every day person; a strong woman who refuses to let others make decisions for her. She is aware of her power as First Lady, and is not afraid to force the issue and step on some toes along the way. She serves as a symbol not only to black women, but all women. She is proof that we can dress like Jackie Kennedy, express our political opinions as strongly as Hilary Clinton or Kelly Ayotte, be in love and still be bad ass. She belongs to the generation of political women who are trying as hard as they can to prove that women are just as capable of leading America as men. Can we just take a moment to appreciate the awesomeness that is First Lady Michelle Obama.



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  • Just found your blog and have to completely agree: Michelle Obama ROCKS! She’s utterly magnificent, and I’m completely and unyieldingly crazy in love with that woman.

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