5 British Fashion Staples To Steal From “Kingsman”

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I’m going to just come out of my little Union Jack-draped closet right now, and say “Kingsman” is undoubtedly a “fashion” movie (and anyone who disputes this clearly doesn’t have a great enough appreciation for menswear). A bizarrely entertaining amalgam of hammy, old-timey 007 movies and fast-paced Hollywood action sell-outs, the reviews are just as mixed as the hotchpotch of themes that are packed into this quaintly packaged blockbuster. But let’s not bog ourselves down with themes and plot holes. Let’s move on, instead, to something we can all agree on: the wardrobe.

Oh, there are some blunders alright—I mean, let’s consider the protagonist Eggsy’s chav caricature—but this movie positively sang with the best of British style nuances and top-notch suit game. It philosophizes on the matter. Samuel L. Jackson’s middle-aged lisping swag hound may have been a memorable modern villain, all color-pops and parkas, but this was not Samuel L. Jackson’s movie. “Kingsman,” from a sartorial perspective, is a glorious revival of old-school British charm. In fact, the makers were so happy with their statement costume design, they made a label out of it.

For mere plebeians (and women), however, we decided to get a little more creative with our cane-wielding, glasses-wearing gentrified style inspiration. So steep your tea and strap in, folks: here are my top five favorite fashion touches from this adorably absurd, rickety-rollercoaster-ride of a movie. Spoiler alert: gun-umbrellas did not make the list, because sadly the “Kingsman” designers didn’t see fit to make an attainable version of that, but there’s a rather darling version for non-spies.

1. The Suit


7929214922_2_3_1“The suit is the modern gentleman’s armor.” I whispered a little “thank you” to Colin, god of sexy older men, after this most perfect quote. The very core of this movie is the art of a bespoke suit—literally, because Kingsman HQ is dressed up (ahem) as a tailors’ shop. Guys: Get out there, get a suit that fits you impeccably, and wear it with pride. Girls: Take this as your green light to make Moneypenny proud and hone your power-dressing skillz. Roxy, resident bearer of the XX-chromosome and all-round female badass, will be your guide. As a starting point, check Zara for some beautiful, affordable jackets (pictured, $99.90).


2. Pugs

hqdefaultOkay, not a British dog by any standards. Blah, semantics. Eggsy adopts this derpy little canine because he thought it was a bulldog … and then, naturally, the pair become BFFs. But remember, fashionistas: dogs are for life, not just for accessorizing. So unless you’re thoroughly invested in pug lyf, take this as a cue to make good with all the myriad of pug-print trinkets out there right now. Also, let’s be honest, everyone knows that a dapper suited-and-booted gentleman is more than likely to be wearing psychedelic socks. Here are some of our faves.

pug lyf

3. Oxfords


483069_mrp_e2_m2Keep in mind the code word for Eggsy’s “favor”: “Oxfords, not brogues.” Take this on face value, dear readers: invest in a pair of Oxfords. Just do it. Rock your Oxfords. No longer reserved for hoity-toity wannabe Prime Ministers, the Oxford is a beautiful creation. For men, this should be standard practice, of course, but for us ladies, there are a myriad of ways to adopt a little bit of Eton chic. Whether with your favorite cropped skinny jeans and a cardigan, a shift dress and blazer, or wool shorts, Oxfords add a playful twist to any everyday outfit.

Oh, and if you’re on a guy-buying spree, you can find an exact vision of Harry Hart’s perfect Oxford street-stomper here ($950, pictured left).


L-R: La Garconne cardigan ($595), 3.1 Phillip Lim blouse ($450), Current/Elliott jeans ($105), Mango sunglasses ($15), Celine bag ($1005), Paul Smith shoes ($326)

 4. Collars

gazelleI’m a real fan of a good collar. Maybe this has something to do with being obliged to wear a school uniform for the entirety of my school career—such is life in the motherland—and being spoon-fed a literary diet of Peter Pan and Madeleine for the first few of those precious, mind-sculpting years. Then again, maybe it’s because Alexa Chung and Jess Day are so perfect. Who knows. Either way, there’s another collared queen on the style scene, and she goes by the name Gazelle. OK, she’s an evil mastermind, but we’ll let that slide. Grab a crisp white shirt—the starchier the collar, the better—and pair with a contrast sweater, sleek hair and strong bangs. Sword-heels are optional.



L-R: Harvey Faircloth dress ($991), Pink Mascara necklace ($19), Zeagoo blouse ($12.69)

5. Glasses


482983_mrp_fr_m2Being blessed with perfect vision isn’t always a good thing; specifically, when one misses out on the joy of those fashion moments that are punctuated with a fabulous pair of glasses. People went so wild for Firth’s sexy eye wear the Kingsman label exact match (pictured right) sold out in a Hart-beat (sorry). But don’t stop eating your carrots any time soon, people: optically-impaired or nah, you can still channel your inner British gentleman. If you’re a glasses-wearer, invest in some chunky, retro-inspired frames and own them. If you’re not, check out stores like Bleudame and MarvelOptics for non-prescription clear glasses … it’ll be our little secret.

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