The Millennial Newlywed Game For Your BFF

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Who knows you best? Your sibling? Your BFF? Your Significant Other? Not sure? Well clearly it’s time to pit them against each other in a competitive death match to see who you’re most compatible with. Forget the TikTok algorithms . These questions will truly separate the friends from the fakers, but beware, it works both ways, you might be revealed as the one caught not listening in our Millennial Newlywed Game.


This couldn’t be simpler, as it’s just like the terrible “Newlywed’s Game,” just without the pejorative gender role questions (because frankly who does or doesn’t do the dishes hardly says anything about your compatibility with someone). To start, send this list of question to your BFF, S.O., sibling, or that nosey cube-mate who listens in on all your questions and acts like a borderline Swim Fan at lunch. Meanwhile you write down how you would answer the questions, and then compare. Afterwards, swap and see how well you know them. For every missed question, the loser has to buy the doughnuts.


1.) Which is your/their favorite “Harry Potter” book in the series?

2.) What is your/their coffee shop order? (extra points if you get all the absurd Starbucks names right)

3.) What is your/their default binge TV show on Netflix when they can’t decide what they want to watch?

4.) In the event of a tragedy, who have you/they tasked to wipe their Internet history?

5.) What do you/they actually do for a living and what is the name of organization called?

6.) What do you/they think their spirit animal is (extra points if you add in what it actually is).

7.) What’s your/their favorite thing to hate watch or read?

8.) How would you/they rank their driving skills compared to your/their actual driving skills?

9.) What do you/they actually want for dinner?

10.) How much is your/their student debt?

11.) What is your/their OTP (one true pairing) (fictional or otherwise—yes, Clinton/Bush bromance counts)?

12.) What store has the biggest charge on your/their credit card?

13.) What are you/they most likely to stalk on the Internet?

14.) What did you/they want to be when you/they grew up before the recession?

15.) Which are you/they more likely to hang out in- elastic waist pants or no pants at all?

16.) What is your/their favorite craft beer?

17.) What are you/they most likely to send GIFs of?

18.) What do you/they actually want to do on a Friday night?

19.) If they had money and vacation time, where would you/they want to go?

20.) What is their most secret guilty pleasure?

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