15 Halloween Costumes For All Of Your Pets

Colorful packets of chocolate have started appearing with tempting frequency in your daily existence, and friends are starting to frenetically hustle to put together this year’s costume. What’s that? But of course, it’s the most wonderful time of the year — Halloween. Granted, while you might be rejoicing over this year’s planned shenanigans, your pets are likely less than enthused. They can’t have chocolate, they certainly can’t run around unattended with their friends to ask for candy from the neighbors, and they’re having some issues finding sexy costumes with which to one-up their besties. Fortuitously, Literally, Darling went on a mission to rescue your four-legged friends from their wardrobe crisis. Look no further than below for some of the best halloween costumes around.

Sushi Guinea Pig

Take your love for sushi to a whole new level with this clever costume. But, we strongly encourage you to not try to pick up this piece of sushi with your chopsticks or fingers to eat. Might be a little…hairy and squeaky.


Red Pirate Dog Costume

Your darling little female dog can bring sexy back with this pirate costume. Costume includes corset-style ribbon ties on the back, but does not include a matching pirate hat. Might have to get a bit creative with that.


Superman Leash With Cape

Let your dog or cat’s dreams of flying come true with this cape that is attached to a leash. Just this one time, I think Edna might allow this.




Skeleton Horse

Who knew chalk could be used on your horse? Cheap costume for a big animal = winning.


Lion Cat

Remember this? Let your rugged feline roam the savannas with a costume that is sure to put fear into any trespassing animals’ hearts.


Abraham Lincrab

And you thought shellfish were only for eating during Halloween. Think again.


Holy Hound

This seems very relevant and appropriate given the pope’s recent visit to the United States. I mean, if you’re into that sort of thing.



Dragon Guinea Pig

Despite the fact that guinea pigs are herbivores, I’m sure they wouldn’t mind barbecuing their parsley and carrots before diving in for the kill.


Cheeseburger Tortoise

Slow and steady wins the race to this completely inedible cheeseburger. We repeat: do NOT eat this cheeseburger.


Bowser Tortoise

This costume is essentially perfect for your little hard-shelled friend, and promises to provide extra protection against any potential donkey kong enemies.


Count Dracula Hedgehog

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pumpkin on brown wooden table

Bloodsucking hedgehogs – need I say more?


Freddy Krueger Guinea Pig

I don’t even know if this is feasible to get most guinea pigs into, but mad props to the person who did this. Like, how did you get the guinea pig to not just piss and poo all over it?

freddy kr


Lady Snake

Snakes don’t eat hats, do they?


Darling Geese

For some reason, this costume reminds me of one of Beatrix Potter’s characters. Basically it’s perfect


Squirrel White

Apparently squirrels aren’t to be left out of this year’s festivities. How you catch one and cram it into this costume is completely up to you. We accept no responsibility for the insanity that might ensue. Get your rabies shot.


What’s your most innovative Halloween costume for your little furry friends? Share the love with us @LitDarling!

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  • There were so many missed pun opportunities here. Draguinea pig? Freddy Krueguinea? Turtlebuger? Count Hedgula? So disappointed. The pun possibilities were ripe within this post. ((but I love these pictures so much Kelsey))

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