5 Benefits of Owning a Dog in Your 20s

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Dogs are amazing, and owning them at different stages of your life can be a positive experience. If you’re not too busy or unstable, you might have the resources to care for a pup. Your 20s are formidable years and a dog can be an excellent friend for that journey. Here are five benefits to owning a dog during your first whole decade as an adult.


People in their 20s typically experience one of the loneliest times. A dog can be an excellent companion as you navigate moving forward from your teen years and entering a professional, more serious period of your life.

Pets make great listeners and can bring a smile to your face on stressful days. Dogs provide opportunities to get out with them on walks, to the dog park and to pet-friendly businesses. Their dependence on you can give you a sense of purpose as you figure out what you want for the future.


Dogs are some of humans’ best friends, but they’re also a lot of work. They need plenty of positive reinforcement to learn right and wrong, exercise to keep them healthy, and mental stimulation to keep them from going stir crazy. You’ll also need to groom them so they stay healthy and spend quality time with them to keep your bond strong.

When you’re in your 20s, you’ll likely have more time to care for your dog than in your school days or if you choose to settle down. People typically have more energy at this age, giving you more time and patience to dedicate to your furry friend.

Better Physical Health 

Having a dog can improve your health3 by getting you more active. Dogs need care and activity to thrive, and providing them with that can be a form of caring for yourself. Getting up in the morning to feed them and let them out can help regulate your circadian rhythm, helping you sleep better.

Walking and playing with your dog is an excellent way to exercise. Technology is making people more passive, but your pup can be a great distraction from them. Even a few minutes of movement daily can reduce your risk of conditions like cancer and diabetes.

Improved Mental Health 

You are your dog’s whole world — their unconditional support can help you through tricky times. Pets relieve stress through their cuddles, kisses and excitement to be around you. Focusing on feeding, playing with and caring for your pup is an excellent distraction from the stress of everyday life. They can boost your mood, and petting them can help relax your mind and body.

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While dogs come in all personalities, there’s a reason they make up so many service and emotional support animals. Their ability to read human emotions and help them cope with obstacles can give you a mental boost. Better mental health can also improve physical health and vice versa, helping you stay well.

More Social Opportunities 

Having a dog is an excellent conversation starter. Taking your pup with you when you can often helps with social anxiety, making it easier to talk with people. Walking your dog and bringing them to classes can open the door to making new friends and having engaging conversations. Everyone needs positive relationships and having a dog can help facilitate human ones while you still enjoy time with your canine companion.

Becoming a Dog Owner in Your 20s

There are many advantages to owning a dog in your 20s. The companionship, care and opportunities they provide may make them the perfect pet for you.

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