How To Throw A Thanksgiving Dinner Like The Gilmore Girls

Thanksgiving brings old and new friends and family together over the union of food and gratitude. Thanksgiving this year will be a two-fold celebration of joining hands for a day of joyous eating and coming together to rejoice in the Gilmore Girls revival. As the Gilmore Girls revival is only three days away, it is time to give thanks for the return of our favorite ladies on television.

Not everyone is interested in the cooking part of Thanksgiving. You can share your time at the local food bank or shelter cooking and serving. Be careful to plan ahead, unlike Paris, who intimidates all the food banks in the area to get a spot. Rory and Lorelai are infamous for their lack of cooking skills. Their oven was more often utilized for storage (or warming socks) than for roasting and baking.

If you are similar to our favorite ladies, then bring fall flowers and chocolates as a gesture to the host. However, also be aware of your host’s quirks. Health conscious hosts like Mrs. Kim disapprove of chocolate, so bring a pre-made salad chock full of veggies. Also, take a look around in unfamiliar settings. Mrs. Kim will charge you if break anything. Hopefully your hosts aren’t as stern.

And there you have it. You are officially ready to feast! | Community Post: A Guide To Hosting The Ultimate "Gilmore Girls" Thanksgiving:

The binge-eating mayhem must be taken seriously if you want to even fathom eating multiple Thanksgiving meals like a Rory and Lorelai. It’s quite unnecessary to fast the day before the festivities. First, if you have to commit to multiple dinners so as to not disappoint your loved ones, proceed carefully. If you are blackmailed like Lorelai bring a stopwatch to leave as soon as your requirements are completed. Be sure to spend quality time at each event to not shortchange and event. and bring Tums if you aren’t up to the challenge.

GG-Themed Menus

Mrs. Kim’s Tofurkey-filled Menu

Mrs. Kim continuously torments Lane with super healthy foods. Her Thanksgiving table contains no exception to that rule. She pushes the tofurkey as soon as the Gilmores enter the door. Alas, Lorelai couldn’t slip her tofurkey into her napkin. Mrs. Kim even beats Emily in the eagle-eyed department.

I love how she says that.."I ate TOEfurky, how do you think I feel??" lol:

Jackson’s Takeover Menu

The heavenly chef Sookie does not easily let others into her cooking domain. She eventually consents to Jackson cooking her organic turkey, but he doesn’t just roast it he buys a deep fryer. To keep her woes in check, she drinks herself under the table.

    • Drink: Margaritas for the five stages of grieving

    • Jackson’s main dish: Deep fried turkey with 15 pounds of peanut oil

    • Sookie’s main dish: Herb butter rub turkey with pancetta chestnut stuffing

    • Independence Inn dessert: Mini spiced pumpkin cake

Five stages of grieving Sookie | s3 ep9 Gilmore girls:

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Luke’ Downhome Menu

When Lorelai and Rory suggested to Luke that they couldn’t join him for the holiday, saw his disappointed face and immediately back.  That meal was filled with awkward lame-o, chicken pecking kisses and extra marshmallows.

gotta love luke's optimism! :) hahaha:

Richard and Emily Elevated Elegance Menu

A Gilmore gathering simply isn’t complete with a meltdown. The initial meltdown was averted after Lorelai amusingly quoted “Lady Marmalade.” However, a full meltdown occurred when Rory’s application to Yale came to light. Alas, that dinner was cut short, and they didn’t have to skip the rolls.

    • Drink: Martini with a twist

    • Salad: Wine poached pear salad

    • Main dish: Roasted turkey with Muscat and Dried-Fruit Gravy with a ceremonial cutting of the turkey

    • Side: Camembert mashed potatoes

    • Dessert: Harvest mousse with spiced almond tuiles


If you have room by the end of the night, eat the rolls that you pledged to skip earlier. How many meals will you eat this Thanksgiving? Tweet us at @litdarling!

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